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recent news

  • Deluxe Day is September 17th.
  • Player Appreciation Day is September 8th.
  • Fun Fact: Kinzville Academy was originally going to have a diving class.
  • The next Maintenance Update is September 21st.
  • The Pet of the Month for September is the Sweet Elephant!

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New Feature!
You can now click on a seed packet image to see the different growth stages. Try it below.


Click HERE to view the complete collection.

upcoming events happening on classic

September Events

  • August 19th - September 9th Super School Giveaway
  • September 1st - 30th September Deluxe Challenge
  • September 1st - 30th September Employee of The Month Challenge
  • September 1st - 30th Acorn Collection Event
  • September 5th Labour Day - Ganz office Closed
  • September 10th - 18th Days of Play
  • September 16th - 18th Wacky Weekend
  • September 19th - 30th Fall Fest
  • September 19th Fall Fest Soda 2022
  • September 19th - 30th Fall Pet Buddies

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