Zingoz Pop

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Zingoz Pop is a game in the Webkinz Arcade that was introduced in 2005. Currently, it requires a Deluxe Membership. The objective of the game is to help Zangoz clear the bubbles on the screen by shooting bubbles to make combinations of the same color touch. The game was reworked in 2019, bringing new mechanics and graphics. The classic version of Zingoz Pop can still be played in the Tournament Arena.


The game starts by allowing the player to select one power up. The player begins the game with 3 lives, with no way to gain additional lives. Points are awarded for popping bubbles, with bigger combos awarding more points. There are also level completion bonus points and time bonus points that are awarded for completing the level within the set range. Once the player loses their three lives, or completes all 30 levels, the game ends.

On both sides of the cannon are signs, the left sign will display a shot timer. After 5 seconds, the sign will display a countdown from 5 seconds, after which the cannon will automatically shoot. The right sign displays a downward facing arrow. This will let the player know when the screen will be pushed downwards by a row of black bubbles. After the player shoots 6 bubbles, a bell will sound off and the arrow will change to green. After 7 shots, another higher-pitched bell will sound off and the arrow will change to red with Zangoz giving a voice line and visibly being nervous. After 8 shots, a row of black bubbles will spawn from the top of the screen, pushing the entire level down a row.

The cannon itself has two color displays; the larger one, which shows the color of the bubble that is currently loaded, and the smaller one displays the next color bubble that will be loaded. The cannon also features a small green light which will change to red when the cannon is firing, which also gives you a visual for the very short cooldown after firing. The cannon's bottom left will display the powerup the player selected at the beginning of the game.

On the far-left side of the screen is the 'BONUS meter' or 'tank'. This tank is used to inform you how close you are to the silver trophy's requirements (40 'dropped' bubbles in one level). This tank has been visually bugged for a while, however. In the classic/arena version of the game, the bonus tank would give you

The game features 30 levels, all of which have pre-determined patterns. Some of the levels within the game will have the power up bubbles placed within them for the player to shoot and activate. Some later levels also feature special bubbles:

  • Bounce Bubble: Allows the player to ricochet bubbles. The direction the bubble goes is dependent to the angle the player hits the bounce bubble from.
  • Phase Bubble: A special bubble that only appears in later levels (starting at 23). It mostly acts similar to a bounce bubble, but *.
  • Black Bubble: An unmovable obstacle bubble. These are the bubbles that appear as rows from the top of the screen as the level moves on. Certain levels will also have black bubbles within the layout to block players shots. These will remain even if not connected to other color bubbles.
  • Grey Bubble: Similar to the black bubble, but these can be dropped off the screen. If no other color bubbles are connected to them or they reach the bottom of the screen, they will 'pop'.

The classic/tournament arena version of the game for the most part have similar layouts and gameplay to the updated version, differing mostly on colors and graphical designs. The classic version of the game used to have an easy and normal mode selection, which


Use the arrow keys to aim left or right and the up arrow to shoot a bubble or use the mouse to aim and shoot. Using the mouse can sometimes be buggy as it will sometimes revert to odd positions, causing you to misfire. The classic/arena version of the game only allows arrow key controls.

Power ups

There are 4 Power Ups that appear as bubbles within certain levels in the game, and one can be chosen at the beginning of the game and earned during gameplay. You can earn powerups during play periodically by popping groups of bubbles that have a sparkly effect. Popping groups of these sparkly bubbles will load the player's cannon with their selected power for one shot. If the player doesn't hit these sparkly bubbles within 3 shots of the effect appearing, it will disappear and the player will have to wait for it to return. The first level of the game gives the player the line ability regardless of what power they chose, but will disappear if the player didn't chose the power every level after that. Picking the line power, however, gives the player permanent line visibility. (classic/arena version of the game requires the line powerup to be earned like other powers).

  • Bowling Ball: Blasts through a whole line of bubbles.
  • Burst Bubble: Pops all bubbles of the same color.
  • Super Bubble: Pops all the bubbles around the bubble it touches.
  • Line: Helps to aim your bubbles exactly where you want them to go.


Goldzingozpoptrophy.png Silverzingozpoptrophy.png

Two trophies are obtainable in Zingoz Pop. The gold trophy is awarded when the player finishes all 30 levels of the game, the silver trophy is rewarded when a player pops 40 bubbles on a single level. You can see your progress for the silver trophy by watching the BONUS meter fill up on the left side of the screen. “Dropped” colored balls are any that fall down after an initial group is popped. Like the Gold Zingoz Pop Trophy, the silver trophy can be won multiple times, but only once per game.


  • Try to aim at the biggest groups of the same color as much as possible.
  • Try to knock down unconnected balls. This is a huge way to help beat levels.
  • On the first level when you get the little orange line, try to learn how to bounce your balls off the wall onto others. Learning how to do this will help you in the future.


  • The game went through a massive visual and gameplay overhaul in 2019. Currently, the desktop version of the game has some graphical errors; however, these errors are absent from the mobile version.
  • This is one of the only arcade games to award more than one trophy. However, the silver trophy wasn't obtainable due to a glitch when the game was first released, but was fixed after the game's rehaul.