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Original Recipes

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Name First Available Tradeable
Almond Blutrice Punch 2006 August Yes
Aquarus Jelly 2005 October Yes
Atomicolicious Punch 2006 August Yes
Banana Split 2005 October Yes
Banattle Dome 2006 August Yes
Baseball Float Yes
Beach Sunrise Frappe Yes
Bean Burrito 2006 August Yes
Berry Tart 2006 August Yes
Birthday Party Sandwich Yes
Black Forest Sandwich 2006 August Yes
Blucocrunch Bread Yes
Blueberry Parfait 2006 August Yes
Blue Blech 2006 April Yes
Blue Gak 2005 October Yes
Blue Gunk Yes
Bluffles Waffle Shack 2006 August Yes
Blustagush Yes
Bouncaleafulls Yes
Cara-Milkshake 2005 October Yes
Cheerooney Puff Yes
Cheese & Tomato Sandwich 2005 October Yes
Chicken Salad Sandwich Yes
Choco Chip Waffles 2006 August Yes
Chudga Bugs Yes
Cinnamon Bun 2006 August Yes
Cream Soda Float 2006 August Yes
Creme Caramel 2006 August Yes
Crispy Squares 2005 October Yes
Deep Sea Barnacle Bagel 2006 August Yes
Deluxe Nachos 2006 August Yes
Egg Salad Sandwich 2006 April Yes
Embrangled Crumdingle 2005 October Yes
Fancy Schmancy Waffles 2006 August Yes
Fire & Water Sandwich Yes
Fish & Chips Dinner 2005 October Yes
Fizzletwist Pop Yes
Flaneur Vasserfreezen Yes
Freaky Flan Yes
French Toast 2005 October Yes
Fried Foofaraw 2005 October Yes
Fruit Berry Crepes 2006 August Yes
Fruit Salad 2005 October Yes
Fruit Slushie 2005 October Yes
Galactic Gumball 2006 August Yes
Gloppy Jalopy 2006 August Yes
Granola Bars 2006 August Yes
Green Blech 2006 April Yes
Green Gak 2005 October Yes
Green Gunk Yes
Grey Blech 2006 April Yes
Grey Gak 2005 October Yes
Grey Gunk Yes
Grilled Carrot Sandwich 2006 April Yes
Halloweenogg 2005 October Yes
Health Juice 2005 October Yes
Hole In One Yes
Hot Marshmallow with Chocolates 2006 August Yes
Ice Cream Sandwich 2006 April Yes
Icy Frosty 2005 October Yes
Jellamazoo Jiggle 2006 April Yes
Kablookie Sandwich 2006 August Yes
Lasagna 2005 October Yes
Mega Berry Slush 2006 August Yes
Mizzleberry Jacks 2005 October Yes
Mushmellow Frosty 2005 October Yes
Neon Pink Smoothy Yes
Nuggetdog Megaroni 2006 August Yes
Omlet Yes
Ophidian Callaloo 2005 October Yes
Orange Blech 2006 April Yes
Orange Gak 2005 October Yes
Orange Gunk Yes
Peanut Butter & Banana Sandwich 2006 August Yes
Peanut Butter & Honey Sandwich 2005 October Yes
Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich 2005 October Yes
Pierogies 2006 August Yes
Piggies In A Blanket 2006 August Yes
Pinaminto Yes
Pizza Sandwich 2006 April Yes
Plymouth Veggie Parfait 2006 August Yes
Punchy Nutkins Yes
Rice Pudding 2006 August Yes
Root Beer Float 2006 August Yes
Scary Berry Crunch 2005 October Yes
Shepherd's Pie 2006 August Yes
Shirley Templkinz 2006 April Yes
Sloppy Joekinz 2006 April Yes
Slotto Fruit Yes
S’mores 2005 October Yes
Soccer Float 2006 August Yes
Spicy Salsa 2005 October Yes
Squirrelly Brittle 2005 October Yes
Squishadish Yes
SS Blueberry Bounty Yes
Stikagoo Cake Yes
Strawberry Jiggle Torte 2006 August Yes
Strawberry Kiwi Tart 2006 August Yes
Strawberry Smoothie 2005 October Yes
Stuffed Leafy Melon 2005 October Yes
Sundae Driver 2005 October Yes
Sunny Ice Cakes Yes
Sunrise Sandwich 2006 April Yes
Sweet N' Sour Smoothie 2005 October Yes
Toffee Pudding 2005 October Yes
Tooth Extractor 2006 October Yes
Triopop Yes
Trippple Hot Chocolate 2006 August Yes
Tropical Punch 2005 October Yes
Turquoise Sandwich Yes
Unidentified Frying Omelet 2006 August Yes
Vegetable Soup Yes
Vegetable Stir Fry 2006 August Yes
Veggie Dip 2005 October Yes
Veggie Sub Sandwich 2006 April Yes
Vegisicle Yes
Wacky Grazzdotazz 2006 August Yes
Webkinz Cookie Tornado 2006 August Yes
Webkinz Jambalaya 2006 August Yes
Werrigetti Yes
Wild Kiwi Sunset 2006 August Yes
Yogurt Twist Smoothie 2006 August Yes
Zazzeloop Soup Yes

Secret Recipes

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Name First Available Tradeable
Abracaldo Dabra 2009 February Yes
Ainbowray Canape 2008 November Yes
Alliballibunbun Yes
Aminkle Grog 2010 November Yes
Amora Supora 2010 January Yes
Astormishing Sandwich 2007 September Yes
Bellatart 2010 April Yes
Berribrite Blast 2008 March Yes
Betwinkled Strumble 2010 January Yes
Blastop Rocaket 2010 June Yes
Bluchetta Grillon 2008 April Yes
Boiled Wyvernacle 2010 April Yes
Bubbaberriboo 2008 January Yes
Buzzy Blazzurro 2011 April Yes
Canoopaddarole 2010 June Yes
Careening Rojodillos 2009 April Yes
Chimericamaki 2007 January Yes
Chortletorte 2008 January Yes
Cloyin' Hoipolloi 2008 April Yes
Cogitaticake 2008 April Yes
Demitasse Lassi 2008 November Yes
Dino Dessert Yes
Dreamy Pancakes Yes
Epochiquox Glimmer 2007 January Yes
Falleafals 2010 November Yes
Fixichini 2008 November Yes
Florbuzzall Buggaburst 2007 January Yes
Floridisa 2008 August Yes
Fluffed Snuglapuffin 2008 January Yes
Forsty Benumblex 2010 June Yes
Fraidy Parfait 2007 January Yes
Freckled Wendaloo 2011 April Yes
Fried Callistorm 2008 January Yes
Gigglifuzzeela 2011 April Yes
Gladdugrumble 2007 January Yes
Gloprisma 2011 August Yes
Goo Goo Berry Float 2010 August Yes
Grapplesnap 2009 April Yes
Jazzi Jeweloni 2010 January Yes
Jest the Best Bagel 2008 January Yes
Keeleebabs 2011 August Yes
Magimmery Mist 2008 April Yes
Magmamora Lavallo 2007 January Yes
Maizealoop 2009 November Yes
Mataruk-Lucks 2011 August Yes
Megachinewich 2008 April Yes
Miellabeelado 2008 January Yes
Misrateru Druppling 2008 April Yes
Mocha Polka 2011 April Yes
Monstrosoupy 2008 March Yes
Mount Snococo 2008 August Yes
Mozzlenoms 2013 April Yes
Murkiibuns 2010 November Yes
Ocean Bubblyglub 2008 January Yes
Pastel Rilladillows 2010 April Yes
Pearlipate 2008 November Yes
Petallastar Pop 2010 November Yes
Picaroon 2009 April Yes
Pickapakora 2008 April Yes
Pokeydokees 2010 November Yes
Polly's Lovely Lemon Cookie 2016 March Yes
Pomeadrone Punch 2008 August Yes
Poppaballoo 2008 August Yes
Puppy Sugar Cookie 2022 November Yes
Puzzellapies 2009 November Yes
Quaggy Super Smoothie Yes
Quaint Super Smoothie Yes
Quenched Super Smoothie Yes
Quendidot Buzzitree 2007 January Yes
Ravishelli 2010 April Yes
Rextexmex 2008 April Yes
Rhomblintzes 2009 November Yes
Ringaking Blinger Yes
Sacchbingarings 2007 January Yes
Sappirake Scones 2007 January Yes
Savory Fruit Sundae Yes
Serpentash Squash 2008 August Yes
Shabloomers 2008 January Yes
Shellbellow 2009 November Yes
Slimescraper 2008 April Yes
Slipinsip 2007 January Yes
Slippamarink Sandwich 2007 January Yes
Spinneretti 2008 June Yes
Spiny Sporcues 2009 November Yes
Spranklebeek 2011 April Yes
Springerle Drizz 2009 April Yes
Striped Mellowmallow 2010 January Yes
Submarine Sandwich Yes
Summer Sandwhich 2020 August Yes
Summer Soup 2020 August Yes
Sweet Creola 2009 April Yes
Sweet Echocoa 2010 June Yes
Sweet Orchard Cider Yes
Sweet Orchard Fritter Yes
Sweet Orchard Jelly Yes
Sweet Orchard Pie Yes
Sweet Orchard Shake Yes
Symphoscone 2008 March Yes
Syzyglorbit 2007 January Yes
Trickle Treacle 2008 January Yes
Tumbang 2013 April Yes
Turretango Twist 2007 January Yes
Tusslepuff 2009 April Yes
Twistifish Fondue 2008 November Yes
Vegan Veggie Rolls Yes
Vegan Veggie Wrap Yes
Vipenslab Yes
Voilalatte 2010 June Yes
Wanapaneer 2011 August Yes
Wigglumdrip 2010 April Yes
Wishful Whirlawhip 2008 January Yes
Worblewraps 2011 August Yes
Yiplish 2013 April Yes
Yummytummy Tumbler 2007 January Yes

Mega Stove Recipes

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Name First Available Tradeable
Bramblefuzz 2010 May Yes
Brisked Triflador 2010 February Yes
Ceramibakette 2011 January Yes
Crunchkinz 2009 July Yes
Crystellmata Crisp 2011 January Yes
Dulcospire 2009 July Yes
Flanpyre 2009 July Yes
Grufflegoop 2010 February Yes
Kinzlet Milanese 2009 July Yes
Knotty Numnums 2009 July Yes
Laphabet Oops 2010 February Yes
Nonano Pomano 2010 February Yes
Oastewisle Ovaland 2010 May Yes
Orbishimmeros 2011 January Yes
Plink-a-Plunk 2010 May Yes
Plumbalum Pannam 2011 January Yes
Pomumitta 2009 July Yes
Roserina Blushini 2010 May Yes
Shoopdeloop Soup 2011 January Yes
Superstinachew 2009 July Yes
Swoonpie 2018 January Yes
Ultimacarooney 2009 July Yes
Whirlowisk 2009 July Yes
Whispacrumb 2010 May Yes
Wurstinfurst 2009 July Yes
Yibbles 2010 February Yes
Yumidenum 2009 July Yes

Super Chef Stove Recipes

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Name First Available Tradeable
Afinnyumfaroo Yes
Bootooyoo 2010 November Yes
Cascalleau Aquappa 2011 February Yes
Chuffalow Beans Yes
Cogogumbo 2009 October Yes
Creme de Rien Yes
Entomosoflicky 2009 October Yes
Fleefigrimbles 2010 March Yes
Ghoulosh 2009 October Yes
Grisalex 2011 February Yes
Harpangelo Hartillio 2011 February Yes
Haute-Pot Yes
Hydromoscone 2009 October Yes
Illissivy Elixir 2010 November Yes
Jollylolls Yes
Kismarkle 2011 February Yes
Macdoodles 2010 March Yes
Miximarch Pie 2009 October Yes
Murkalgae Muffins 2010 November Yes
Nebulumyum 2009 October Yes
Neigowa Blancetta 2010 November Yes
Obzorbolo 2009 October Yes
Prismamunch 2009 October Yes
Rainbow Blech Yes
Rainbow Gak Yes
Rainbow Gunk Yes
Roasted Royalliario Yes
Sorcusorbet 2009 October Yes
Splatibonk 2010 March Yes
Sturcarrunch 2009 October Yes
Telemen Watsaroons 2010 November Yes
Tempesturosa 2009 October Yes
Winsabrim Kabrang 2010 March Yes
Wozzled Elphinda 2010 March Yes

eStore Dispenser Food Recipes

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Name First Available Tradeable
Bumbleberry Pie 2017 June Yes
Chocolate Brioche 2017 June Yes
Chocolate Caramel Mousse 2017 June Yes
Chocolate Rainbow Waffles 2017 June Yes
Club Sandwich 2017 June Yes
Coconut Cream Pie 2017 June Yes
Dreamy Caramel Tart 2017 June Yes
Gazpacho Soup 2017 June Yes
Juicy Julep 2017 June Yes
Trail Mix Popcorn Yes
Ultimate Hard Candy Twist 2017 June Yes

Recipe Objects

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Name First Available Last Available Tradeable
Adventure Scout Backpack 2020 July 2022 July Yes
Adventure Scout Canoe 2020 July 2022 July Yes
Adventure Scout Lean-To 2020 July 2022 July Yes
Clover Patch Tile 2022 March 2023 March Yes
Community Cake Slice 2020 April 2020 April Yes
Family Holiday Window 2021 November 2023 June Yes
Farm Fresh Salad Bowl 2021 June 2022 October Yes
Farm Fresh Sandwich Platter 2021 June 2022 October Yes
Farm Fresh Soup Tureen 2021 June 2022 October Yes
Homemade Holiday Stew 2019 November Current Yes
Starlight Treehouse Bed 2022 July 2022 July Yes

DIY Design

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Name First Available Tradeable
DIY Black Divider 2023 April Yes
DIY Blue Divider 2023 April Yes
DIY Brown Divider 2023 April Yes
DIY Crimson Divider 2023 April Yes
DIY Deep Purple Divider 2023 April Yes
DIY Forest Green Divider 2023 April Yes
DIY Gray Divider 2023 April Yes
DIY Green Divider 2023 April Yes
DIY Light Coral Divider 2023 April Yes
DIY Light Sea Green Divider 2023 April Yes
DIY Light Steel Blue Divider 2023 April Yes
DIY Magenta Divider 2023 April Yes
DIY Orange Divider 2023 April Yes
DIY Powder Blue Divider 2023 April Yes
DIY Purple Divider 2023 April Yes
DIY Red Divider 2023 April Yes
DIY Royal Blue Divider 2023 April Yes
DIY Yellow Divider 2023 April Yes

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