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2009 Pets

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January 2009

American Golden

American Golden Gift Box

Celebration Throne

Best In Show Brownies

Blossom Fish

Blossom Fish Gift Box

Underwater Garden

Seedy Seaside Smoothie


Canary Gift Box

Songbird Stereo

Sunflower Seed Soup


Chimpanzee Gift Box

Jungle Gym Chair

Rain Forest Stir Fry

Emperor Dragon

Emperor Dragon Gift Box

Timeless Treasure TV

Dragon's Dessert Flambe

Grey Owl

Grey Owl Gift Box

Nocturnal Night Lamp

Frozen Mice Lollies


Groundhog Gift Box

Woodland Burrow Bureau

Two Seasons Cake

Key Lime Dino

Key Lime Dino Gift Box

Ancient Egg Fridge

Cretaceous Crustacean Soup

Love Monkey

Love Monkey Gift Box

Lovely Monkey Armchair

Blushin' Banana Bread

Purple Floral Fox

Purple Floral Fox Gift Box

Blossoming Flower Tree

Flowerbed Flapjacks

Purple Goldfish

Purple Goldfish Gift Box

Aquarium Castle Toy Box

Undersea Omelet

February 2009

Blue Whale

Blue Whale Gift Box

Whale Sized Wardrobe

Grilled Krill Thrill

Cotton Candy Bunny

Cotton Candy Bunny Gift Box

Suddenly Spring Trampoline

Carnival Candy Carrots

Irish Setter

Irish Setter Gift Box

Dog Show Trophy Display

Discus Biscuits


Lamb Gift Box

Little Lamb Bed

Leafy Splurge Lasagna

Lil Lamb

Lil Lamb Gift Box

Little Lamb Bed

Leafy Splurge Lasagna

Love Dino

Love Dino Gift Box

Cloud Nine Window

Beautiful Bon Bon Bouquet

Mountain Goat

Mountain Goat Gift Box

Sloping Summit Chair

Rocky Mountain Sundae

Mystical Panda
Promo Kinz

Mystical Panda Gift Box

Sun's Embrace Bed

Star Shimmer Sippers


Pelican Gift Box

Seaside Peli-Scope

Spicy Curry Cod


Phoenix Gift Box

Pyre Nest Bed

Papyrus Papayas

Pink Glitter Fish

Pink Glitter Fish Gift Box

Glamorous Glitter Vanity

Crispy Kelp Salad

Spotted Turtle

Spotted Turtle Gift Box

Spotted Shell Rug

Peanut Butter And Jellyfish Sandwich

March 2009

Domino Cat

Domino Cat Gift Box

Domino Effect Area Rug

Delectable Domino Cookies


Robin Gift Box

Bobbin' Robin Jukebox

Instant Insect Rice

Spotty Dinosaur

Spotty Dinosaur Gift Box

Spotted Prehistoric Plant

Fantastic Jurassic Smoothie

Violetwing Butterfly

Violetwing Butterfly Gift Box

Winged Window

Flutter Nutter Pie

April 2009

Arctic Fox

Arctic Fox Gift Box

Frozen Tundra Treadmill

Winter Snow Crepes

Boston Terrier

Boston Terrier Gift Box

Puppy Collar Clock

Boston Baked Bones


Griffin Gift Box

Fabled Fireplace

Shimmering Sapphire Skewers

Guinea Pig

Guinea Pig Gift Box

Hidey House Lounger

Petite Pellet Palette

Polka Back Fish

Polka Back Fish Gift Box

Friendly Anemone Stove

Polka Dot Donut Bits

Ring Tailed Lemur

Ring Tailed Lemur Gift Box

Leaping Lemur Trampoline

Toasted Grub Sub

Signature Panda

Signature Panda Gift Box

Bamboo Chute Slide

Signature Sushi Rolls

Spring Celebration Bunny

Spring Celebration Bunny Gift Box

Exquisite Egg Chair

Pastel Pancakes

White Swan

White Swan Gift Box

Beautiful Swan Mirror

Cocktail Cattails

May 2009

Blue Googles

Blue Googles Gift Box

Crazy Confetti Chest

True Blue Bubble Soup


Budgie Gift Box

Budgie Striped Sofa

Tropical Tapioca

Emerald Lab

Emerald Lab Gift Box

Emerald TV

Emerald Eclairs

Green Shimmer Snake

Green Shimmer Snake Gift Box

Shimmering Star Lamp

Twinkling Tiramisu

Jack Russell

Jack Russell Gift Box

Bow Wow Bone Tree

Double Decker Steak Cake

Signature Chimpanzee

Signature Chimpanzee Gift Box

Banana Boom Box

Creme Brulee Avec Bugs


Zebra Gift Box

Super Stripy Speedster

Vanilla And Chocolate Striped Trifle

June 2009

Cherry Blossom Bird

Cherry Blossom Bird Gift Box

Cherry Blossom Bird Loveseat

Cherry Blossom Cheesecake


Oriole Gift Box

Canopy Hammock

Flying Berry Flan

Pearl Pup

Pearl Pup Gift Box

Pearl Pup Pearl Box

Deep Pan Pearl Pizza

Pearl Place Setting

Lustrous Pearl Sideboard

Prehistoric Mammoth

Prehistoric Mammoth Gift Box

Cave Painting

Frosted Fossil Flakes

Signature Golden Retriever

Signature Golden Retriever Gift Box

Signature Golden Retriever Gold Box

Golden Syrup Pancakes

Golden Tux Dress Shoes

Golden Tux Jacket

Golden Tux Shades

Golden Tux Top Hat

Golden Tux Trousers

Springer Spaniel

Springer Spaniel Gift Box

Day Outdoors Bathtub

Spring-Skewered Sausage

July 2009

Cotton Candy Sheep

Cotton Candy Sheep Gift Box

Pink Bubble Machine

Fluffy Muffins


Fox Gift Box

Fancy Fox Kitchen Counter And Cabinet

Squirm-Berry Ice Cream

Ruby Retriever

Ruby Retriever Gift Box

Ruby Window

Red Ruby Sundae

Signature Raccoon

Signature Raccoon Gift Box

Panoramic City Window

Masked Meatballs

Tawny Pup

Tawny Pup Gift Box

Puppy Picnic Table

Biscuit Bruschetta

Tomato Clown Fish

Tomato Clown Fish Gift Box

Clownfish Clown Car

Brine Shrimp Burgers


Walrus Gift Box

Northern Lights Lamp

One Ton Won Tons

August 2009

Green Seadragon

Green Seadragon Delivery Box

Ocean Emeralds Side Table

Seashell Soup


Iguana Gift Box

Sunny Siesta Sofa

Leafy Lizard Linguine

Lava Dragon

Lava Dragon Gift Box

Molten Magma Bed

Magical Magma Marshmallows


Lionfish Gift Box

Underwater Fireplace

Two Prong Prawn Kebabs

Mocha Pup

Mocha Pup Gift Box

Chocolate Fountain

Coffee Bean Biscuit

Peridot Dog

Peridot Dog Gift Box

Peridot Package Box

Gemstone Scones

Peridot Coffee Table

Peridot Side Table

Peridot Table Lamp


Pterodactyl Gift Box

Dawn Of Time Window

Pterrific Pterodactyl Ptoast

Signature Calico Cat

Signature Calico Cat Gift Box

Cat's Meow Garden

Kitten Kaboodle Strudel

Silversoft Cat

Silversoft Cat Gift Box

Culinary Cat Counter

Nifty Noodle Yarn Ball


Turkey Gift Box

Harvest-Time Hammock

Forage Porridge

September 2009


Caterpillar Gift Box

Caterpillar Package Box

Leafy Layer Cake

Butterfly Antenna

Butterfly Costume


Opossum Gift Box

Countryside Gazebo

Delectable Insectables

Pucker Fish

Pucker Fish Gift Box

Luscious Lip Leather Sofa

Luscious Lip Loaf

Rainforest Boa

Rainforest Boa Gift Box

Radiant Rose Bush

Coiled Curly Fries


Rooster Gift Box

On The Farm Alarm Clock

Bright 'N' Early Breakfast

Sabertooth Tiger[1]

Sabertooth Tiger Gift Box

Saberstripes Sofa

Prehistoric Pie

Sapphire Spaniel

Sapphire Spaniel Gift Box

Sapphire Bathtub

Sparkling Sapphire Steak

Signature Cocker Spaniel

Signature Cocker Spaniel Gift Box

Majestic Dog Mansion

Purebred Pudding
  1. A plush version of this pet was later released in April 2012

October 2009

Citrus Dragon

Citrus Dragon Gift Box

Lemonade Stand

Citrus Sherbet Sorbet

Cloud Sheep

Cloud Sheep Gift Box

Float Away Fantasy Fridge

Wooly Waffles


Giraffe Gift Box

Longneck TV

Tall-Y Lolly

Mud Hippo

Mud Hippo Gift Box

Mud Bathtub

Mud In Your Eye Pie

Opal Pup

Opal Pup Gift Box

Opal Pup Package Box

Candied Opals

Opal Dining Chair

Opal Dining Table

Peppermint Puppy

Peppermint Puppy Gift Box

Candy Cane Seeds

Minty Marble Cake

Pink Cockatoo

Pink Cockatoo Gift Box

Birdbath Spa

Peckish Pink Icy

Signature Timber Wolf

Signature Timber Wolf Gift Box

Howling Ridge

Marinated Marrow Sandwich

Strawberry Cloud Leopard

Strawberry Cloud Leopard Gift Box

Strawberry Jammin' Jukebox

Strawberry Shortsteak

Trick or Treat Troll

Trick or Treat Troll Gift Box

Truck Of Terror

Bangers And Monster Mash

November 2009


Blufadoodle Gift Box

Blueberry Fountain

Doodle Noodles


Llama Gift Box

Woolly Woven Rug


Ribbon Unicorn

Ribbon Unicorn Gift Box

Once Upon A Time Dresser

Sparkleflower Sandwich


Shark Gift Box

Lost City Throne

Spicy Reef Patties

Signature Cheetah

Signature Cheetah Gift Box

Sunny Savannah Oasis

Rapid Rib Eye

Spotted Sea Monster

Spotted Sea Monster Gift Box

Mysterious Marsh

Seaweed Saute

Topaz Terrier

Topaz Terrier Gift Box

Topaz Package Box

Topaz Truffles

Topaz Sink

Topaz Toilet


Weimaraner Gift Box

Charming Charcoal Easel

Tally-Ho Hoagie

December 2009

Baby Penguin

Baby Penguin Gift Box

Polar Playpen

Salt Water Slushy

Daisy Tortoise

Daisy Tortoise Gift Box

Daisy Driver

Delicious Daisy Danish

Glamour Gecko

Glamour Gecko Gift Box

Glitz 'N' Glamour Disco Ball

Creme De Cricket

Love Lion

Love Lion Gift Box

Lovely Stained Glass Window

Heartfelt Tuna Melt

Mistletoe Mouse

Mistletoe Mouse Gift Box

Treats For Santakinz

Festive Cheese Fondue


Moose Gift Box

Great White North Throne

Chocolate Mousse

Signature Penguin

Signature Penguin Gift Box

Frozen Fountain

Flying Fish And Chips

Sweet Tooth Tiger
Promo Kinz

Sweet Tooth Tiger Gift Box

Starlight Mint Sofa

Crusty Cavity Crumble

Zircon Puppy

Zircon Puppy Gift Box

Zircon Sofa

Gemstone Dog Bone

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