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2011 Pets

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January 2011

Aquarius Retriever

Aquarius Retriever Gift Box


Melon Moons


Bushbaby Gift Box

Super Secret Safe

Butterscotch Beetles

Camo Rhino

Camo Rhino Gift Box

Conceal-Appeal Lounger

Disguised Fries

Cinnamon Dachshund

Cinnamon Dachshund Gift Box

Cinnamon Bun Bed


Golden Eagle

Golden Eagle Gift Box

Golden Lamppost Lounger

Soaring Sizzling Scallops

Endangered Iberian Lynx

Endangered Iberian Lynx Gift Box

Juniper Tree Hammock

Reptile Ravioli

Polar Gummy

Polar Gummy Gift Box

Chocolate Coin Pond

Gummy Honey on Toast

Ribbon Lion

Ribbon Lion Gift Box

Ribbon Cave Window

Licorice Linguini

Rockhopper Penguin

Rockhopper Penguin Gift Box

Rockhopper Chopper

Octopot Pie

Signature Giraffe

Signature Giraffe Gift Box

Sky High Shower

Evergreen Ice Cream

Signature Small Tuxedo Cat

Signature Small Tuxedo Cat Gift Box

Fine Dining Table

Sparkling Spring Water

Silk Sparrow
Promo Kinz

Silk Sparrow Gift Box

Silky Smooth Drapes

Seared Seed Sautee

St Pats Setter

St. Pat's Setter Gift Box

St. Pat's Wishing Bridge

Setter Cereal

February 2011


Aardvark Gift Box

Ant Hill Thrill Pit

Termite Delight

ChiChi Chihuahua

ChiChi Chihuahua Gift Box

Chic Wardrobe

Decadent Doggy Dish

Endangered Dama Gazelle

Endangered Dama Gazelle Gift Box

Desert Break

Acacia Leaf Lasagna


Leonberger Gift Box

Puppy Grub Tub

Baked Bean Bratwurst

Love Puffin

Love Puffin Gift Box

Lovely Tree Swing

Cherished Cheesecake

Majestic Tiger

Majestic Tiger Gift Box

Royal Fountain

Water Buffalo Wings

Mint Chocolate Cow

Mint Chocolate Cow Gift Box

Waffle Bowl Mixer

Minty Fresh Fudge


Narwhal Gift Box

Arctic Tusk Tub

Arctic Codcakes

Pisces Fish

Pisces Fish Gift Box

Underwater Archway

Cosmic Coral Kabob

Prairie Dog

Prairie Dog Gift Box

Hide and Go Burrow

Prairie Berry Muffins

Rock Candy Croc

Rock Candy Croc Gift Box

Rock Around the Croc Clock

Hard Candy Cone

Shimmer Bunny

Shimmer Bunny Gift Box

Polka Dot Dresser

Spotty Biscotti

Signature Lop Bunny

Signature Lop Bunny Gift Box

Cozy Lop Crop

Creamy Carrot Soup

Signature Small Lamb

Signature Small Lamb Gift Box

Woolly Carnival Canon

Crispy Hay Squares

March 2011

Angora Bunny

Angora Bunny Gift Box

Cozy Carrot Couch

Crunchy Carrot Chutney

Aries Ram

Aries Ram Gift Box

Shimmering Stained Glass Window

Charred Celestial Cauliflower

Endangered Red Panda

Endangered Red Panda Gift Box

Secluded Spa

Bamboo Fondue

Fleecy Sheep

Fleecy Sheep Gift Box

Sweet Sweater Stand

Grazed Glazed Greens

Hippie Hippo

Hippie Hippo Gift Box

Peace and Loveseat

Groovy Grass Gelato

Hopping Bunny
Promo Kinz

Hopping Bunny Gift Box

Hopping Bunny Package Box

Jellybean Jumble

Checkered Shirt

Hopping Drum Kit

King Charles Spaniel

King Charles Spaniel Gift Box

Turret Tower Window

Noble Nachos

Signature Koala

Signature Koala Gift Box

Outback Elevator

Exquisite Eucalyptea

Pine Marten

Pine Marten Gift Box

Shamrocking Swing

Lucky Irish Omelet

Signature Small Black Lab

Signature Small Black Lab Gift Box

Frantic Frisbee Flinger

Mini Meatball Pasta[1]

Sugarplum Cheeky Monkey

Sugarplum Cheeky Monkey Gift Box

Sugarplum Princess Costume Package Box

Banana Cream Cake

Sugarplum Princess Costume

Sugarplum Princess Costume Shoes

Sugar Rush Butterfly

Sugar Rush Butterfly Gift Box

Super Sugar Swing

Sweet Nectar Slushy

Promo Kinz

Swordfish Gift Box

Sunken Sword Cellar

Skillfully Skewered Shrimp
  1. This item was previously named "Mini Meatballs"

April 2011

Calico Cat

Calico Cat Gift Box

Calicoat Closet

Candy Catnip

Golden Deluxe Dragon
Promo Kinz

Golden Deluxe Dragon Gift Box

Fictional Fireplace

Golden Whimsical Wontons

Green Earth Puppy

Green Earth Puppy Gift Box

Playful Pup Topiary

Fresh Farm Frittata

Lil Blue Lamb

Lil Blue Lamb Gift Box

Baby Blue Bumper Car

True Blue Fruities

Lil Pink Lamb

Lil Pink Lamb Gift Box

Precious Pink Bumper Car

Mighty Melon Fruities

Lil Purple Lamb

Lil Purple Lamb Gift Box

Perfectly Purple Bumper Car

Purple Passion Fruities

Maple Moose

Maple Moose Gift Box

Gourmet Cupcake Maker

Maple Walnut Squares

Rainbow Zebra

Rainbow Zebra Gift Box

Rainy Rainbow Window

Herbivore Smores

Signature Beaver

Signature Beaver Gift Box

Log Lodge Pool

Birch Branch Breadsticks

Signature Small German Shepherd

Signature Small German Shepherd Gift Box

Flock Watch Tower

Off Duty Donuts

Strawberry Cow

Strawberry Cow Gift Box

Strawberry Bubble Bath

Fruity Flakes

May 2011

Fennec Fox[1]

Fennec Fox Gift Box

Sand Dune Buggy

Wild Egg Omelet

Grizzly Bear

Grizzly Bear Gift Box

Hibernation Hammock

Cub Sandwich

Pot Bellied Pig

Pot Bellied Pig Gift Box

Take It Easy Trough

Chilly Chocolate Float

Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu Gift Box

Shaggy Sofa

Bow Wow Chow Mein

Signature Australian Shepherd

Signature Australian Shepherd Gift Box

Country Sensation Stage

Rancher's Roast Beef

Silkie Chicken
Promo Kinz

Silkie Chicken Gift Box

Silky Soft Sofa

Sunflower Seed Sorbet

Twilight Dragon

Twilight Dragon Gift Box

Enchanted Toy Chest

Midnight Macaroni

June 2011

Endangered Spotted Jaguar

Endangered Spotted Jaguar Gift Box

Jungle Gym Slider

Fresh Fish Platter

Floppy Eared Bunny

Floppy Eared Bunny Gift Box

Carrot Car

Frozen Carrot Pops

Ice Cream Scoop Snail

Ice Cream Scoop Snail Gift Box

Hot Fudge Willow Tree

Sprinkles and Cream Waffles

Mystic Pony

Mystic Pony Gift Box

Starlight Stable

Supernatural Spaghetti

Pretty Peacock

Pretty Peacock Gift Box

Cool Breeze Plumage Fan

Flower Petal Porridge

Razzle Dazzle Dog

Razzle Dazzle Dog Gift Box

Jeweled Fountain

Sparkling Pork Chops

Scottish Terrier

Scottish Terrier Gift Box

Bagpiper's Trampoline

Mince and Tatties

Tickled Pink Cat

Tickled Pink Cat Gift Box

Pink and Fluffy Fridge

Tickled Pink Salmon

July 2011

Cookies and Cream Koala

Cookies and Cream Koala Gift Box

Cupcake Forklift

Cookie Crumb Sundae

Mohawk Monkey

Mohawk Monkey Gift Box

Shock Rockin' Outfit Box

Funky Monkey Split

Shock Rockin' Dress

Shock Rockin' Face Stickers

Shock Rockin' Shoes

Mystical Mouse

Mystical Mouse Gift Box

Mind Reader’s Outfit

Cosmic Cheesecake

Mind Reader's Hat

Mind Reader's Robe

Mind Reader's Shoes

Petal Puppy

Petal Puppy Gift Box

Fragrant Flower Bed

Garden Fresh Veggies

Signature Wild Bactrian Camel

Signature Wild Bactrian Camel Gift Box

Sand Dune Sandbox

Desert Dessert

Sun Bear

Sun Bear Gift Box

Poolside Sunning Chair

Runny Honey Sundae

August 2011

Big Top Elephant

Big Top Elephant Gift Box

Three Ring Swing

Greatest Peanuts on Earth


Lynx Gift Box

Relaxing Rocky Sauna

Rocky Rib Rack

Mystic Moon Bear
Promo Kinz

Mystic Moon Bear Gift Box

Half Moon Hammock

Moonberry Yogurt

Peace Unicorn

Peace Unicorn Gift Box

Harmony Hammock

Peaceful Pancakes

Pumpkin Puppy

Pumpkin Puppy Gift Box

Spooky Jack O'Lantern Chair

Trickier Treats

Signature Orange Tabby

Signature Orange Tabby Gift Box

Cool Cat String Swing

Duck a l'orange

Sour Watermelon Hound

Sour Watermelon Hound Gift Box

Candy Steam Whistle

Sour Bone Treats

Splash Dragon

Splash Dragon Gift Box

Sea Legends Bed

Salt Water Taffy

September 2011

Brilliant Bandit

Brilliant Bandit Gift Box

Brilliant Ball Gown

Dazzling Donuts

Dodo Bird

Dodo Bird Gift Box

Homemade Helicopter

Goofy Grapefruit Gelato

Gypsy Vanner

Gypsy Vanner Gift Box

Elegant Vardo Wagon

Traveler's Trail Mix

Harmony Puppy

Harmony Puppy Gift Box

Carefree Cushion

Tranquil Tenderloin

Signature Black Footed Ferret

Signature Black Footed Ferret Gift Box

Burrowing Cliffside Slide

BBQ Prairie Wings

Waffle Wallaby

Waffle Wallaby Gift Box

Peppermint Swirl Slide

Super Sweet Tarts

October 2011

Billy Goat

Billy Goat Gift Box

Tasty Bouncy Sofa

Alfalfa Fajitas

Candy Apple Camel

Candy Apple Camel Gift Box

Jawbreaker Sorter

Caramelted Apple Pie

Glitzy Dragon

Glitzy Dragon Gift box

Winged Wardrobe

Classy Crème Brulee

Papillon Dog

Papillon Dog Gift Box

Pop Art Portrait

Artsy Appetizers

Pink Punch Cheeky Dog

Pink Punch Cheeky Dog Gift Box

Buffet Fruit Juicer

Berry Berry Smoothie

Pink Zebra
Promo Kinz

Pink Zebra Gift Box

Striped Safari SUV

Chocolate Strawberry Cheesecake

Signature Pot Bellied Pig

Signature Pot Bellied Pig Gift Box

Lazy Muddy River

Pig Out Pizza


Springbok Gift Box

Desert Drive In

Oasis Iced Tea

Tropical Island Pup[2]

Tropical Island Pup Gift Box

Beachside Gazebo

Fresh Flower Cocktail

Vampire Bat

Vampire Bat Gift Box

Creepy Bat Cave

Cursed Cherry Soda

Winter Fawn

Winter Fawn Gift Box

Snowy Camp Site

Frozen Berrysicles

November 2011

Autumn Owl

Autumn Owl Gift Box

Fresh Fall Perch

Fresh Fish Cornucopia

Bull Terrier

Bull Terrier Gift Box

Sturdy Stone Lantern

Bull's Eye Biscuits


Labradoodle Gift Box

Tennis Ball Swing

Scrumptious T-Bone Steak

Licorice Fish

Licorice Fish Gift Box

Taste Tester Fountain

Jelly Guppies

Signature German Shorthaired Pointer

Signature German Shorthaired Pointer Gift Box

Doggie Diving Pool

Cinnamon Strudel

Snow Yeti

Snow Yeti Gift Box

Sneaky Ice Cave

Abomina Bowl of Chili

December 2011

Arctic Polar Bear

Arctic Polar Bear Gift Box

Peek-a-Boo Pond

Polarberry Punch

Fabled Goose
Promo Kinz

Fabled Goose Gift Box

Story Time Throne

Sing Along Snacks

Gelato Parrot

Gelato Parrot Gift Box

Sprawling Candy Plant Centerpiece

Tropical Fruit Frenzy

Glacial Fox
Promo Kinz

Glacial Fox Gift Box

Frozen Fun Slide

Freshly Frozen Nuggets

Patchy Puppy

Patchy Puppy Gift Box

Backyard Bubble Maker

Twisted Fruit Slushy

Poinsettia Lion

Poinsettia Lion Gift Box

Gingerbread Oven

Festive Fruit Cake

Powderpuff Porcupine

Powderpuff Porcupine Gift Box

Powder Puffy Couch

Water Lily Puffs

Sifaka Lemur

Sifaka Lemur Gift Box

Tall Tree Hideaway

Forest Fruit Salad

Signature Arctic Fox

Signature Arctic Fox Gift Box

Daring Den Slide

Frozen Fish and Chips

Sterling Cheeky Cat

Sterling Cheeky Cat Gift Box

Fun to Run Yarn Ball

Tuna Melt Medley
  1. A plush version of this pet was later released in May 2013
  2. A plush version of this pet was later released in July 2012

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