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2015 Pets

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January 2015

Blue Avenue Pomeranian

Blue Avenue Pomeranian Giftbox

Blue Avenue Day Bed

White Diamond Cupcake

Lovely Leopard

Lovely Leopard Gift Box

Sweetheart Booth

Be Mine Cake

Oatmeal Pup

Oatmeal Pup Gift Box

Sweet Bakers Oven

Homemade Apple Crisp

Sweetheart Fox

Sweetheart Fox Gift Box

Sweetheart Bench

Cupids Candy Apple

Sweet Elephant

Sweet Elephant Gift Box

Big Top Tricycle

Peanut Popcorn Fudge

February 2015

Blue Avenue Kitten

Blue Avenue Kitten Gift Box

Blue Avenue Coupe Car

Jeweled Lollipop

Fiesta Unicorn

Fiesta Unicorn Gift Box

Pretty Party Snack Table

Rainbow Sour Licorice

Ginger Bunny

Ginger Bunny Gift Box

Glorious Garden Patch

Spicy Carrot Soup

Golden Fawn
Promo Kinz

Golden Fawn Gift Box

Golden Canopy Bed

Marigold Muffin

Morkie Puppy

Morkie Puppy Gift Box

Teacup Tub

Fancy Beans on Toast

Mystical Purple Hedgehog
Promo Kinz

Mystical Purple Hedgehog Gift

Wishing Well Spa

Marvelous Macaroni

March 2015

Berry Cheeky Monkey

Berry Cheeky Monkey Gift Box

Banana Buggy

Very Berry Ice Pop

Mini Pinscher Dog

Mini Pinscher Dog Gift Box

Secret Statue Safe

Bittersweet Hazelnut Pretzel

Pioneer Pig

Pioneer Pig Gift Box

Haystack Sleeping Nook

Sweet Cornbread Muffin

Rosy Satin Cow
Promo Kinz

Rosy Satin Cow Gift Box

Sleek Satin Bed

Velvety Strawberry Smoothie

Lil Pink Spring Corgi

Lil Pink Spring Corgi Gift Box

Pink Spring Breeze Plane

Pink Playful Jelly Eggs

Lil Purple Spring Corgi

Lil Purple Spring Corgi Gift Box

Purple Spring Breeze Plane

Purple Playful Jelly Eggs

Lil Yellow Spring Corgi

Lil Yellow Spring Corgi Gift Box

Yellow Spring Breeze Plane

Yellow Playful Jelly Eggs

April 2015

10 Year Magic W Pup

10 Year Magic W Pup Gift Box

10 Year Magic W Pup Bonus Gift Box

Magic W Ice Pop

Happy Ten Years Bed

Happy Ten Years Wallpaper

Happy Ten Years Flooring

Decade Dragon

Decade Dragon Gift Box

Milestone Throne

Decadent Cupcake

Patchwork Cow

Patchwork Cow Gift Box

Cute Quilted Tent

Patterned Pastry

Pioneer Pony

Pioneer Pony Gift Box

Bountiful Bread Table

Homestead Fries

Plum Porcupine

Plum Porcupine Gift Box

Electric Purple Drum Set

Plum Crazy Crumble

May 2015

Cauliflower Sheep

Cauliflower Sheep Gift Box

Salad Dressing Fountain

Fresh Garden Salad

Maltese Puppy

Maltese Puppy Gift Box

Ball Pit Slide

Mini Maltese Marshmallows

Onyx Monkey

Onyx Monkey Gift Box

Jungle Climber

Banana Split Kebab

Scottish Fold Cat
Promo Kinz

Scottish Fold Cat Gift Box

Cozy Mohair Bed

Toffee Scone

Sparkling Puppy
Promo Kinz

Sparkling Puppy Gift Box

Twinkling Rainbow Wardrobe

Glitter Gumdrops

Teal Zebra

Teal Zebra Gift Box

Wild Outdoor Tent

Tasty Trail Mix

Ten Ton Elephant
Promo Kinz

Ten Ton Elephant Gift Box

Big Link Swing

Ton o' Fun Peanuts

Timeless Wolf
Promo Kinz

Timeless Wolf Gift Box

Timeless Touring Car

Celestial Stroganoff

June 2015

African Black Rhino

African Black Rhino Gift Box

Slippery Water Slide

Sunny Smoothie

Blonde Labrador

Blonde Labrador Gift Box

Lake Lifeguard Chair

Golden Fish & Chips

Sock Elephant

Sock Elephant Gift Box

Knitted Hammock

Sweet Savannah Tea

Sweet Pea Dragonfly

Sweet Pea Dragonfly Gift Box

Sweet Blossom Bench

Sugar Blossom Cupcake

July 2015

Black Cocker Spaniel

Black Cocker Spaniel Gift Box

Comfy Classic Recliner

Black Licorice Sorbet

Glitter Fawn

Glitter Fawn Gift Box

Starry Car

Twinkling Truffles

Golden Winged Tiger
Promo Kinz

Golden Winged Tiger Gift Box

Glimmering Throne

Gold Encrusted Meat Pie

Merry Go Round Pony

Merry Go Round Pony Gift Box

Merry Go Round Pony Bonus Gift Box

Pretty Popcorn

Merry Go Round Bridle

Merry Go Round Saddle

Carousel Chariot Bench

Royal Cobra

Royal Cobra Gift Box

Snake Charmer Basket Bed

Spicy Samosas

August 2015

Cinnamon Guinea Pig

Cinnamon Guinea Pig Gift Box

Delightful Desserts Oven

Sweet Custard Tart

Earth Dragon

Earth Dragon Gift Box

Forest Hollow Cave

Wild Herbal Tea

Elegant French Bulldog
Promo Kinz

Elegant French Bulldog Gift Box

Sleepy Puppy Sofa

Charming Crepes

Pewter Panda

Pewter Panda Gift Box

Fancy Futon Couch

Bamboo Berry Tea

Royal Elephant

Royal Elephant Gift Box

Lavish Carriage Gazebo

Marvelous Marsala Curry

September 2015

French Bulldog

French Bulldog Gift Box

Baroque Chest of Drawers

Chic Croissant

Harvest Owl

Harvest Owl Gift Box

Fall Feast Dining Table

Autumn Leaf Chocolate

Camo Cow

Camo Cow Gift Box

Hidden Treehouse Bed

Camo Corn

Fire Bear
Promo Kinz

Fire Bear Gift Box

Blazing Wardrobe

Flickering Fondue

Tinker Chimera

Tinker Chimera Gift Box

Sprocket Swing

Clockwork Cookie

October 2015

Jolly Holiday Puppy

Jolly Holiday Puppy Gift Box

Polar Peppermint Booth

Peppermint Pinwheel Cookies


Panther Gift Box

Chic Satin Bed

Midnight Meatballs

Red Velvet Fox

Red Velvet Fox Gift Box

Red Velvet Fridge

Velvety Cookie Pie

10 Year Magic W Cat
Promo Kinz

10 Year Magic W Cat Gift Box

Happy 10 Year Wardrobe

Webkinz 10 Crunchies

Tinker Jackalope

Tinker Jackalope Gift Box

Tinkerpunk Tuxedo Outfit

Marvelous Mech-aroni

Jackalope Hat

Jackalope Waistcoat

Jackalope Trousers

Vampire Kitten

Vampire Kitten Gift Box

Shadowy Slide

Coffin Cake

November 2015

American Black Bear

American Black Bear Gift Box

Busy Bee Hive

Berry Hazelnut Toast

Siberian Husky

Siberian Husky Gift Box

Arctic ATV

Wild Salmon Soup

Brilliant Pegasus
Promo Kinz

Brilliant Pegasus Gift Box

Sparkling Air Balloon

Glitzy Jelly Beans

Jolly Jubilee Reindeer

Jolly Jubilee Reindeer Gift Box

Christmas Eve Nook

Holiday Party Cookies

Midnight Marten

Midnight Marten Gift Box

Astral Dreams Bed

Moonlight Meringues

December 2015

Blushing Fawn

Blushing Fawn Gift Box

Pretty Pink Pasture

Lily Lollis

West Highland Terrier

West Highland Terrier Gift Box

Tartan Golf Cart

Savory Smokies

Holiday Helper Dragon

Holiday Helper Dragon Gift Box

Holiday Light Up Car

Holiday Helper Sundae

Jolly Jubilee Otter

Jolly Jubilee Otter Gift Box

Jolly Jubilee Shower

Popcorn Snowball Treats

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