(Picture Guide) 2021 Pets

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2021 Pets

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January 2021

Mermazing Hippo

Mermazing Hippo Gift Box

Mermazing Bathtub

Scalloped Eclairs

Fleecy Soft Kitten

Fleecy Soft Kitten Gift Box

Soft Sofa

Sweetheart Layer Cake

Signature Barbet
Promo Kinz

Signature Barbet Gift Box

Old Fashioned Soda Shop[1]

Gourmet Macron
  1. The Old Fashioned Soda Shop gives one Old Fashioned Soda a day

February 2021

Baby Elephant

Baby Elephant Gift Box

Luxury Elephant Pool

Dipped Peanut Cookie

Bernedoodle Puppy
Promo Kinz

Bernedoodle Puppy Gift Box

Chilly Mountain Pool

Omelet Bites

Puppy Love Pup

Puppy Love Pup Gift Box

Puppy Love Car

Lovely Marshmallows

March 2021

Fresh Spring Fawn
Promo Kinz

Fresh Spring Fawn Gift Box

Fun Flower Windmill

Fruit and Flower Rolls

House Mouse

House Mouse Gift Box

Quaint Cottage Bed

Fruit and Nut Breakfast Bowl

Lil Pink Butterfly

Lil Pink Butterfly Gift Box

Pink Flower Bed

Pink Nectar Pop

Lil Purple Butterfly

Lil Purple Butterfly Gift Box

Purple Flower Bed

Purple Nectar Pop

Lil Yellow Butterfly

Lil Yellow Butterfly Gift Box

Yellow Flower Bed

Yellow Nectar Pop

Chocolate Lamb
Promo Kinz

Chocolate Lamb Gift Box

Chocolate Crib

Brownie Blooms

April 2021

Rainbow Panda

Rainbow Panda Gift Box

Comfy Corner Wardrobe

Purple Steamed Buns

Fluffy Speckled Chick

Fluffy Speckled Chick Gift Box

Cracked Egg Cottage

Veggie Bugs


Wolverine Gift Box

Snug Hollow Bed

Scavenger Stew

Holstein Cow

Holstein Cow Gift Box

Barnyard Bed

Wholesome Wheat Smoothie

May 2021

Violet Lion

Violet Lion Gift Box

Violet Bathtub

Pretty Picnic Lunch

Violet Lion Cub
Promo Kinz

Violet Lion Cub Gift Box

Violet Tree Swing

Wild Berry Pop Pastry


Tanuki Gift Box

Bamboo Bliss Lounger

Wild Foraged Bread

June 2021

Sky View Alpaca

Sky View Alpaca Gift Box

Sky View Ranch Wardrobe

Prickly Pear Lemonade

Dingo Puppy

Dingo Puppy Gift Box

Rocky Den

BBQ Steak Wrap

Spectacled Owl
Promo Kinz

Spectacled Owl Gift Box

Hollow Tree Perch

Insect Egg Crostini

July 2021

Lemon Drop Cow

Lemon Drop Cow Gift Box

Lemon Drop Wardrobe

Lemon Pudding

Minty Pig

Minty Pig Gift Box

Holiday Tree Slide

Peppermint Patties

Northern Trails Beaver
Promo Kinz

Northern Trails Beaver Gift Box

Beaver Lodge Tent

Sweet Potato Fries

August 2021

Cute Octopus
Promo Kinz

Cute Octopus Gift Box

Coral Reef Den

Sea Star Cookies

Magic Meadow Unicorn

Magic Meadow Unicorn Gift Box

Magic Meadow Tree Swing

Fun Fruit Parfait

Maltese Tiger

Maltese Tiger Gift Box

Stainless Steel Fireplace

Wild Game Chili

Landrace Pig

Landrace Pig Gift Box

Swimming Swamp

Gobbled Cobbler Pie

September 2021

Baby Monkey

Baby Monkey Gift Box

Book Nook Hideaway

Banana Soft Serve

Moonlight Stag
Promo Kinz

Moonlight Stag Gift Box

Moonlit Meadow Bed

Moonlight Milkshake

Twilight Doe
Promo Kinz

Twilight Doe Gift Box

Twilight Wardrobe

Blackberry Cheesecake Cupcake

October 2021

Fluffy Bog Muskrat

Fluffy Bog Muskrat Gift Box

Slime Slide

Swamp Water Punch

Giraffe (2021)

Giraffe Gift Box

Awesome Acacia Tree[1]

Acacia Leaf Frittata

Grey Tabby Cat

Grey Tabby Cat Gift Box

Kitty Condo

Tuna Melt Sandwich

Lil Toil Toad

Lil Toil Toad Gift Box

Orange Cauldron Hot Tub

Orange Slug Cookies

Lil Trouble Toad

Lil Trouble Toad Gift Box

Green Cauldron Hot Tub

Green Slug Cookies

Lil Twisted Toad

Lil Twisted Toad Gift Box

Purple Cauldron Hot Tub

Purple Slug Cookies

Sunflower Dragon

Sunflower Dragon Gift Box

Sunflower Hill

Sunflower Truffles
  1. The Awesome Acacia Tree gives one Acacia Cookie a day

November 2021

Elephant (2021)

Elephant Gift Box

Saharan Savannah Shower

Peanut Butter Sundae

Kiger Mustang

Kiger Mustang Gift Box

Polished Pumpkin Fireplace

White Pumpkin Stew

Northern Lights Moose

Northern Lights Moose Gift Box

Northern Lights Porch

Galaxy Party Popcorn

Peppermint Carnation Lion Cub
Promo Kinz

Peppermint Carnation Lion Cub Gift Box

Peppermint Carnation Cottage

Peppermint Macarons

December 2021

Beagle Puppy

Beagle Puppy Gift Box

Patchwork Holiday Island

Holiday Pretzel Sandwich

Poinsettia Lion Cub

Poinsettia Lion Cub Gift Box

Poinsettia Swing

Poinsettia Cupcake

Pot Bellied Piglet
Promo Kinz

Pot Bellied Piglet Gift Box

Covered Wagon Daybed

Corn Fritters

Snow Bear

Snow Bear Gift Box

Igloo Sled

Cinnamon Bear Claw Pastry

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