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Quest Prizes

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A Nafarious Ploy (Velvety Elephant)

Shooting Star Ship
Grand Prize

Adventurer's Canteen

Cave Candle Stick

Explorer Hard Hat

Framed Fiery Dragon Scale

Map and Compass Set

Beanstalk Birthday (Pink Pony)

Beanstalk Climbing Tree
Grand Prize

Beanstalk Basket

Beanstalk Planter

Giant Mug

Giant Slice of Birthday Cake

Nibbles Bobblehead Toy

Candy Festival Jeopardy (Fox)

Confection Perfection Press
Grand Prize

Adventure Park Face Stickers

Adventure Park Shorts

Candy Factory Jawbreaker

Rocky Side Table

Yellow Crystal Paper Weight

Deep Water Dilemma (Chimpanzee)

Fresh Water Waterfall Wall
Grand Prize

Biohazard Sample

Diving Helmet Display

Dolphin Balancing Toy

Fish King Floppy Plush

Roberta Bobblehead Toy

Dragon's Den (Spotted Frog)

Dragon's Fire
Grand Prize

Blue Crystal Paper Weight

Dragon's Fire Candelabra

Fire Protection Helmet Display

Raziel Plush Toy

Sparky Bobblehead Toy

Ghost Pirate Princess Rescue (Pink and White Cat)

Ethereal Throne
Grand Prize

Cloudy Scroll Display

Ghost Pirate's Hat

Ghost Pirate Plush

Happy Pirates Portrait

Shipwreck in a Bottle

Journey to the Crystal Caves (Mud Hippo)

Rainbow Machine
Grand Prize

Boris Plush Toy

Cave Crystals Display Box

Cowabelle Bobblehead Toy

Mining Helmet Display

Purple Crystal Paper Weight

Love Potion Problem (eStore)

This quest was originally a one-time event, but in subsequent years it has been sold in the eStore only around Valentine's Day.

Chocolate Factory Machine
Grand Prize

Factory Box of Chocolates

Fish King Bobblehead Toy

Framed Photo of Sera

Goober's Goggles

Scientific Sample

Mysterious Green Smog (Husky)

Weather Console Machine
Grand Prize

Adventure Park T-Shirt

Cloud Crisp Cookie

Cloud Tuxedo Jacket

Firefly Lantern

Toy Water Wheel

Not Easy Being Fish King (Pinto)

Royal Crystal Statue
Grand Prize

Coral Jewelry Box

Fish King Portrait

Jellyfish Table Lamp

Seashell Shoes

The Fish King Rules Banner

Sparky's Scavenger Hunt (Caramel Lion)

Crystal Treasure
Grand Prize

Adventure Park Skirt

Blue Hard Hat

Fool's Gold Nugget

Framed Scavenger Hunt Map

Rope Bundle Shirt

The Ghostly Campsite (Bengal Tiger)

Celestial S'more Campsite[1]
Grand Prize

Adventure Park Hat

Clam Shell

Pirate Doubloon

Rock Climbing Shoes

Seaweed Skirt
  1. The Celestial S'more Campsite gives one Celestial S'more a day

The Lost Pirate Treasure (Koala)

Jolly Roger Roller
Grand Prize

Crab Trap Lamp

Framed Seashell Art

Message in a Bottle Display

Salley Cat Bobblehead Toy

Sera Plush Toy

Weather Worries (Spotted Leopard)

Hero of the Storm Display
Grand Prize

Adventure Park Poster

Adventure Park Weather Vane

Molly Bobblehead Toy

Rafi Plush Toy

Weather Monkey Wind Spinner

Mini-Quest Prizes

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Only the Grand Prize for each Mini Quest is shown here. All other dig prizes from Mini Quests are selected from Arte's Favorite Items from the Curio Shop.

Blooming Tree
Camel Chaos

Cave Potato Crockpot
Recipe Rescue

Crocodile Lantern
Croc Talk

Crystal Croc Wading Pool
Crocodile Hunter

Dance Fever Dragon Statue
Dragon Dance Party

Deepwater Doubloon Display
Treasure Trove

Grand Treasure Pile
Deep Sea Rescue

Griffin Guardian Statue
Sparky's Cloudy Concern

Hoops of Fire
Rafi's Circus in the Sky

Lightning Cake
Gift Exchange

Raziel Rain Jacket
Soaking Sad Dragon

Salley's Seashell Art
She Sells Sea Shells

Stratospheric Tea Pot
Roberta's Tea Party

The Amazing Escape!
The Magician's Assistant

Quick (Daily) Quest Prizes

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This section only contains items exclusively or originally available from Quick Quests. For the full pool of possible prizes, see Adventure Park Daily Quest Prizes.

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Anchor Side Arrow

Blue Crystal Flower

Blue Crystal Rock Cluster

Boris' Pickaxe

Buffalo Cave Painting

Cave Down Arrow Sign

Cave Potato Plant

Colorful Stones

Doggie Green Crystal Cave Painting

Dragon Cave Painting

Dragon Treasure Pile

Green Crystal Flower

Green Crystal Rock Cluster

Pink Crystal Flower

Pink Crystal Rock Cluster

Pirate Ship Cave Painting

Purple Crystal Flower

Purple Crystal Rock Cluster

Purple Dust Cluster

Red Flower


Spicy Inferno Peppers

Starry Beanstalk Cave Painting

Wild Mushroom

Yellow Crystal Flower

Yellow Crystal Rock Cluster

Zodiac Earth Costume Bottom

Zodiac Earth Costume Hat

Zodiac Earth Costume Shoes

Zodiac Earth Costume Top

Event Prizes

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Electric Unicycle
Can You See Undersea? Grand Prize

Unless Platform
Where's the Bears? Grand Prize

Animal Totem Pole

Robot Flower

Silver Tiara

Truffula Tree Painting

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