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This page only contains items exclusively or originally available from SPREE! For a full explanation and catalogue of SPREE! prizes, see SPREE!

Shopping Bag Prizes

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Mall Burger

Mall Chips

Mall Donut

Mall Fries

Mall Pizza

Mall Popcorn

Mall Slushy

Mall Soda


Act Casual Shirt

Black Leather Thongs

Blue Hoody Vest

Blue Jean Princess

Maroon Geometric Jacket

Navy Blue Ruffle Top

Navy Casual Top

Navy Geek Glasses

Navy Skate Shoes

Neon Purple Dress

Pink Panama Hat

Purple Frames

Purple Mary Janes

Purple Ombre Skirt

Purple Tam

Snowboard Jacket

Snowboard Toque

Sparkling Sweater and Scarf

Sparkly Pink Cat Ear Toque

Sparkly Pink Mini Dress

White Visor

Yellow Skinny Jeans


Big City Barrier

Big City Bus Stop

Magic W Sign

No Parking Sign

Slow Sign

Current Kinzville Mall Prizes

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Adventure Scouts Truck

Backwards Ball Cap

Birthday Cake Platter

Blue Space Coaster Car

Bolts Plushy

Boy's Bunk Bed

Bright Idea Buddy

Café Fireplace

Captain's Wardrobe

Cinder Plushy

Cozy Pink Armchair

Designer Dress

Designer Glasses

Designer Handbag Belt

Designer High Heels

Dogbeard's Gold Arcade Unit

Dragon Racer

Elegant Column

Elegant Overcoat

Fairy Tale Floor Tile

Fast Food Booth Chair

Fast Food Booth Table

Fast Food Chair

Fast Food Counter

Fast Food Drive Through Window

Fast Food Flooring

Fast Food Fryer

Fast Food Hot Counter

Fast Food Table

Fast Food Waiter Outfit Box

Fast Food Waiter Outfit

Fast Food Waiter Visor

Fast Food Wallpaper

Fiona Feathers Plushy

Floating Balcony Pool

Fun Floor Trampoline

Girl's Bunk Bed

Golden Bathtub

Golden Leaf Dining Chair

Golden Leaf Dining Table

Golden Leaf Hot Tub

Golden Sink

Golden Toilet

Gold Leaf Bed

Gold Leaf Settee

Gold Leaf Trophy Pedestal

Gold Leaf Wardrobe

Gold Leaf Window

Cloudy Pet Buddy

Inflatable Chair

Inflatable Sofa

KinzPinz Bowling Arcade Unit

Kinzville Mall Fountain

Kinzville Mall Security Booth

Kiwi Bird Plushy

L-Shaped Desk

Leather Armchair

Luxury Airliner

Modern Teal Home

Modern White Home

Modern Yellow Home

Movie Theater Usher Outfit Cap

Movie Theater Usher Outfit Box

Movie Theater Usher Outfit Pants

Movie Theater Usher Outfit Top

Nuts Plushy

Perfume Booth

Pet Medallion 5 Pack

Pile of Pizza

Pink Scooter

Pretty Teal Cabinet

Rainbow Racer

Raziel Topiary

Ring in a Box

Scooter Helmet

Security Guard Uniform Belt

Security Guard Uniform Box

Security Guard Uniform Hat

Security Guard Uniform Pants

Security Guard Uniform Shirt

Soda Fountain Fridge

SPREE Board Game

SPREE Coffee Table



Summer Carriage

Sunny Pet Buddy

Swing Set

Twirly Slide

Wacky Painting

Webkinz Airship

Webkinz Rally Arcade Unit

Yoga Outfit

Yoga Outfit Pants

Yoga Outfit Shirt

Zum Kinzbanz Wall Art

Retired Kinzville Mall Prizes

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Arcade Pool Table

Designer Purse

Designer Purse Rack

Dogbeard's Bathtub Battle Arcade Unit

Dragon Queen Robe

Drum Set

Electric Keyboard

Elephant Kinzbanz Wall Art

Giant Zingoz Plushy

Gold Leaf Coffee Table

Hamster Kinzbanz Wall Art

Link'D Arcade Unit

Majestic Mirror

Monkey Kinzbanz Wall Art

Rabbit Kinzbanz Wall Art

Sand Castle Sofa

Spree Standee

Tween Queen Outfit Box

Tween Queen Tiara

Tween Queen Dress

Yoga Ball Bed

Zingoz Switcherooz Arcade Unit

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