Air Hockey

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Air Hockey is a one-player game which can be played in a Webkinz' Room using an Air Hockey Table. The Air Hockey Table can be found on the Wheel of Wishes, WShop and Curio Shop for 500 KinzCash. Once the table is obtained, it can be placed in a Webkinz' Room and left-clicked to operate. The objective of the game is to shoot an air hockey puck into the opponent's slot on the table, while defending your own slot.


The game features three difficulty options: Easy, Medium, or Hard. The different difficulties will change how the opponent robots will behave, with higher difficulties making the robots quicker to react and defend and will also change the color of the board (green for easy, blue for medium, and red for hard). The robots will always let you attack the puck first at any difficulty level. Both player and opponent can't cross the center of the board.


The game is controlled using the motion of the mouse.


  • Air Hockey is the only game not featured in the Games Room of the Webkinz Clubhouse; also making it the only purchasable game not playable with another Webkinz player.