Airport Theme

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Theme Preview

Theme Items

Airport Runway Tiles

Airport Signs

Air Traffic Controller Headphones

Air Traffic Controller Jacket

Cargo Plane

Check In Desk

Kinz Air Directional Carpet

Kinz Air Flooring

Kinz Air Hangar Storage

Kinz Air Moving Sidewalk

Kinz Air Terminal Seating

Kinz Air Traffic Control Tower

Kinz Air Vending Machine

Kinz Air Wall Dividers

Kinz Air Wallpaper

Kinz Air Windsock

Luggage Conveyor Belt

Luggage Scanner

Retro Plane

Travel Agency Plane

VIP Terminal Seating

Promo Items

Kinz Air Cruise Car

Kinz Air Hand Washing Station

Exclusive and Pet of the Month Items

Airplane Window[1]

Kinz Air Seat[2]
  1. Available only as an exclusive with pet adoption or from the Wish Factory
  2. Available only from the Pet of the Month gift box

Theme Pets

Airborne Puppy

Airborne Puppy Gift Box

Cloud Control Station

Winged Wet Food

Winged Tiger

Winged Tiger Gift Box

KinzAir Pilot Outfit Package Box

Airline Cuisine

KinzAir Pilot Hat

KinzAir Pilot Glasses

KinzAir Pilot Top

KinzAir Pilot Pants

KinzAir Pilot Shoes

Item List and Information

Name Regular Cost Deluxe Cost
Airport Runway Tiles Regular: 2,000 Deluxe: 1,000
Airport Signs Regular: 1,500 Deluxe: 500
Air Traffic Controller Outfit Regular: 3,000 Deluxe: 2,000
Cargo Plane Regular: 7,000 Deluxe: 6,000
Check In Desk Regular: 3,000 Deluxe: 2,000
Kinz Air Directional Carpet Regular: 2,500 Deluxe: 1,750
Kinz Air Flooring Regular: 2,000 Deluxe: 1,000
Kinz Air Hangar Storage Regular: 5,000 Deluxe: 4,000
Kinz Air Moving Sidewalk Regular: 4,000 Deluxe: 3,000
Kinz Air Terminal Seating Regular: 2,500 Deluxe: 1,500
Kinz Air Traffic Control Tower Regular: 5,000 Deluxe: 4,000
Kinz Air Vending Machine Regular: 7,500 Deluxe: 6,000
Kinz Air Wall Dividers Regular: 3,000 Deluxe: 2,000
Kinz Air Wallpaper Regular: 2,500 Deluxe: 2,000
Kinz Air Windsock Regular: 2,000 Deluxe: 1,000
Luggage Conveyor Belt Regular: 5,000 Deluxe: 4,000
Luggage Scanner Regular: 4,000 Deluxe: 3,000
Retro Plane Regular: 7,000 Deluxe: 6,000
Travel Agency Plane Regular: 7,000 Deluxe: 6,000
VIP Terminal Seating Regular: 2,000 Deluxe: 1,500