Amazing World

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Amazing World was a website created by Ganz. It opened in beta in May 2012, opened officially on November 4, 2013, and closed on January 31, 2018. Webkinz offered many cross promotions for Amazing World, and many items were available in Webkinz that were first offered in Amazing World. Many items were also offered in Amazing World that were first available in Webkinz World. Amazing World was built on the Unity platform, like MAZIN' Hamsters, and was discontinued for the same reason; namely, that Unity support has been discontinued by most web browsers.

Click-to-Win Promotion July 2012

The first cross promotion of Amazing World occurred in Webkinz World in July 2012, shortly after the beta launch of Amazing World. Players could click on Zings (characters from Amazing World) in Webkinz World similar to how Nafaria flies onto the screen for Nafaria's Star Trading. Each Zing awarded a food specific to its character in Amazing World.


Bloom was the main host character in the Amazing World Game. Bloom welcomed new players and gave a tour and several initial quests. Bloom was a gardener, thus the prize for clicking on her Zing was called Tulip Truffles. Tulip Truffles have been offered many times since this click-to-win promotion, often as a prize on the Wheel of WOW.

Bloom's area in Amazing World
Tulip Truffles


Cannoli was another host in Amazing World. Cannoli offered the second set of quests. He was an Italian chef, thus the prize for clicking on his Zing was called Chocolate Cookie Cannoli. Chocolate Cookie Cannolis have been offered many times since this click-to-win promotion, often as a prize on the Wheel of WOW.

Cannoli's area in Amazing World
Chocolate Cookie Cannoli


Howl was another host in Amazing World. Howl offered his own set of quests. He was a slapstick comedian, thus the prize for clicking on his Zing was called Whipped Cream Pie. Whipped Cream Pies have been offered many times since this click-to-win promotion, often as a prize on the Wheel of WOW.

Howl's area in Amazing World
Whipped Cream Pie

Click-to-Win Promotion December 2012

The second cross promotion of Amazing World occurred in Webkinz World in December 2012. Players could click on floating maps to win the Amazing World Festive Holiday Wreath. Occasionally, the map would award KinzCash instead of the wreath.

Awdecemberfloaty.png Amazingworldfestiveholidaywreath.pngAmazing World Festive Holiday Wreath

Login Gift December 2012

The third cross promotion of Amazing World occurred in Webkinz World on December 24, 2012. Upon logging in, players were awarded an Amazing World Christmas Poster.

Runecard.png Awposter.png Amazingworldchristmasposter.png
Amazing World Christmas Poster

Webkinz Newz Treasure Hunt March 2013

From March 1 to March 15, 2013, players could complete a seven-question Treasure Hunt on Webkinz Newz. Players who completed the Treasure Hunt won the Amazing Treasure Chest, which was based on the treasure chest players found in Amazing World while playing the Rune's Treasure Hunt mini-game. The treasure chest has since been offered as a GanzWorld Rewards prize for 1500 GanzWorld Moneyz and is currently available.

Runetreasurehunt.png Amazingtreasurechest.png
Amazing Treasure Chest

Double Play Promotion March 2013 to January 2018

In March 2013, Ganz began a cross promotion that awarded Amazing World themed prizes in Webkinz World if players linked their Amazing World account to their Webkinz World account by typing in their Webkinz World account in their Amazing World journal. This promotion did not end until Amazing World itself ended on January 31, 2018. By completing quests in Amazing World, players earned "XP" (Experience Points). Players could also earn XP by spinning Karma's Wheel, winning Team Plays, catching Fish, and completing various mini-games. Upon reaching a designated XP level, players who had purchased Membership (similar to Deluxe Membership in Webkinz World) and who had linked their accounts were awarded a prize. Bloom's Amazing Tree was based upon the Amazing Tree prize awarded by Bloom in Amazing World. The Queen Vexa Tiara was based upon the headdress that the chief antagonist of Amazing World, Queen Vexa, wore. The Airship Air Balloon was based upon the airship on which new players were transported to Amazing World with Bloom. The airship could be seen in Spring Bay as a shipwreck upon which Queen Vexa's minions, the Nix, could be seen running.
Amazingtree.png Queenvexa.png
Awairship.png Awshipwreck.png

250 KinzCash Coin
Awarded upon reaching XP level 5
Bloom's Amazing Tree
Awarded upon reaching XP level 10
Queen Vexa Tiara
Awarded upon reaching XP level 15
Airship Air Balloon
Awarded upon reaching XP level 20

Map Event November 2013

From November 1–14, 2013 there was another cross promotion in Webkinz World. Players could go to their Map and click on a Queen Vexa NPC to be awarded a 250 KinzCash Coin, or, very rarely, a Queen Vexa Tiara.

Awmap.png 250kinzcashcoin.png
250 KinzCash Coin
Queen Vexa Tiara

Community Code Items

Several community code prizes were available in both an Amazing World version and a Webkinz World version.

Amazing World Cannon

The Amazing World Cannon was based upon the cannon that shot players into Amazing World after a player logged in.

Awcannon.png Amazingworldcannon.png
Amazing World Cannon

Farm Fresh Egg Costume

The Farm Fresh Egg Costume Helmet and Suit were first offered in Amazing World in 2015 as prizes for the Egg Scramble and were not offered as Webkinz community code prizes until April 2017.

Aweaster2015.png Farmfresheggcostumehelmet.png
Farm Fresh Egg Costume Helmet
Farm Fresh Egg Costume Suit

Golden Sparkle Egg Costume

The Golden Sparkle Egg Hat and Costume were first available as prizes in Amazing World for completing the Golden Goose Collection and the Golden Goose II Collection in March 2016 and were later offered as community code prizes in Webkinz in November 2017.

Awgold1.png Goldensparkleeggcostume.png
Golden Sparkle Egg Costume
Awgold2.png Goldensparkleegghat.png
Golden Sparkle Egg Hat

Valentine Decorative Mailbox

The Valentine Decorative Mailbox was made available as a community code prize in Webkinz in February 2017 and was also available as an Amazing World prize for the 2017 Heart Stopper candy collection event.

Awvalentine2017.png Valentinedecorativemailbox.png
Valentine Decorative Mailbox

Click-to-Win Items

Several click-to-win prizes were available in both an Amazing World version and a Webkinz World version.

Spring Celebration Egg Items

The Spring Celebration Card Display was first available in Webkinz World as a 2015 White Chocolate Egg prize. The Spring Celebration Egg Bouquet was first available in Webkinz World as a 2015 Milk Chocolate Egg prize. Both items were made available in Amazing World as prizes for the 2017 Egg Scramble.

Aweaster2017.png Springcelebrationcarddisplay.png
Spring Celebration Card Display
Spring Celebration Egg Bouquet

eStore Items

Many items from the eStore meant for Webkinz World made their way over to Amazing World as prizes. Additionally, eStore offers several items for Webkinz World that are based on items in Amazing World.

World Shop Items

The Amazing World equivalent of the Webkinz WShop was called the World Shop. Several items from the World Shop were later transformed into eStore items for Webkinz World.

Flower Sofa
Hover Swing
Moon Dream Couch

Amazing World Collection Prizes

Several prizes that were part of Amazing World collections were transformed into eStore items for Webkinz World.

Summer Berry

The Summer Berry theme in Webkinz World is based upon items from the Strawberry Sensation Collection in Amazing World. The Strawberry Sensation items in Amazing World were first made available as prizes in 2015 in varied ways, such as prizes from Team Plays, prizes from Karma's Wheel, and prizes from Cosmo's Crystal Collecting mini-games. The bed, chair, and sofa are direct copies of the Amazing World items, while the wardrobe is based on the Bountiful Bookshelf from Amazing World.
Awstrawberry2.png Awstrawberry3.png

Summer Berry Bed
Summer Berry Chair
Summer Berry Sofa
Summer Berry Wardrobe

Halloween Witch Hat

The Halloween Witch Hat was first offered in Amazing World as part of the Toil and Trouble! Collection. The Amazing World version had little animated bats that flew around the hat.

Awhalloween.png Halloweenwitchhat.png
Halloween Witch Hat

Candy Drop Events

Several Webkinz World items later became prizes for Candy Drop Events in Amazing World. The Amazing World items were direct copies of the Webkinz World items.


Aweaster2017.png Springtree.png
Spring Tree

Valentine's Day

Awvalentines.gif Heartslide.png
Heart Slide
Magical Heart Carpet
Valentine Fence Piece

Miscellaneous Items

Several other Amazing World items have been offered in the eStore.
The Hanging Flower Chair is based on the Hang Out Flower that was first offered through Bloom's shop and later became available as a Crafting Table prize.

Awflowerchair.png Hangingflowerchair.png
Hanging Flower Chair

The Icy Castle Slide is based on the slide that was a unique prize for adopting the Cordy Zing.

Awslide.png Icycastleslide.png
Icy Castle Slide

The Pumpkin Coach Bed of Webkinz World was later offered in Amazing World as a login gift on October 31, 2015. The items look identical except for the interior; in Webkinz World, it is a bed, and in Amazing World, it was a coach in which your Zing could sit.

Awpumpkin.png Pumpkincoachbed.png
Pumpkin Coach Bed

The Noisy Cushion Trampoline is based upon the whoopie cushions your Zing jumped on in the Cluck’in and Duck’in Team Play.

Awteamplay.png Noisycushiontrampoline.png
Noisy Cushion Trampoline

Other Items

Several other Webkinz World items were introduced as prizes in Amazing World.
The Spring Flower Chair was a prize in Webkinz World in the 2013 Spring Celebration Gift Basket. It was introduced to Amazing World in the 2017 Egg Scramble.

Aweaster2017.png Springflowerchair.png
Spring Flower Chair

The Candy Heart Couch is the Pet Specific Item for the Lovely Love Kitten. It was introduced as a prize in Amazing World for the 2017 Heart Stopper event.

Awvalentine2017.png Candyheartcouch.png
Candy Heart Couch

Webkinz Newz

Several Amazing World themed items are available from Webkinz Newz as GanzWorld Rewards items. All three items are currently available to purchase with GanzWorld Moneyz. The Amazing Treasure Chest is based on the treasure chests that were found in the Rune's Treasure Hunt mini-game. The Princess Bouncy Castle is based upon the Princess Castle house that could be purchased from Brick's shop and placed in an Amazing World yard.

Amazing Treasure Chest
Amazing Treasure Map Rug
Princess Bouncy Castle