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Bananza is a game in the Webkinz Arcade introduced in 2005, retired later that year, and then returned in 2006. A sequel to the game called Tropical Troubles was introduced in late March, 2008.


The object of Bananza is to collect all of the bananas on each level of the game. After all of the bananas have been gathered, you will be moved on to the next level. There are 20 levels to complete.

While collecting bananas, avoid the spiders and falling coconuts. If you touch one of these two obstacles, a life is lost. Lives are also lost for falling off of tree branches. If all three lives are lost, the game is over.

Bonus points are achieved for completing levels quickly - the more time left on the Bonus clock, the more points received. In addition, 1100 bonus points are awarded after finishing Level 20 with one extra life, and 2200 bonus points are awarded for finishing the last level without losing any lives.


Move the monkey using the arrow keys. Left and right keys move him in those directions and the up arrow key is used to jump.


Below is a complete walkthrough of all levels of Bananza. This is a suggested course to follow when playing the game, usually taking in mind safety instead of speed.

Please note what the symbols mean:

  • The red line is the path the monkey should follow.
  • The blue asterisks (*) indicate where a coconut will be falling from above during the course of these paths.
  • Any black lines are alternate routes of the red lines.
  • Letters "A," "B," and "C" note clarifications that can be found at the bottom of the pictures. Please make sure to read these when following the images for better understanding.

BananzaLevel1.png BananzaLevel2.png BananzaLevel3.png BananzaLevel4.png BananzaLevel5.png

5A: Note that the spider should normally be jumped when he is walking towards the monkey. If not, wait until he turns around. Otherwise, the alternate path shown in black can be used instead by going underneath the platform instead of on top.


6A: Note that the zig-zag lines here are to indicate going underneath the first coconut to make it fall and then back to the left to get out of the way. After, go underneath the second coconut to make it fall and then back to the left. This strategy will be used in several places of the course to follow, including later in Level 6.

6B: Same as note 6A.


7A: Note that the spiders do not always follow the same path here and therefore the way to get over them varies. If the two go into opposite directions almost immediately after you reach the platform, then jump the first, wait for the second to turn around, and jump that one as well. If the spiders are both going the same direction the entire time, jump into the space between them quickly and back out again once they walk towards you. If they walk in different directions, but a while after you reach the branch, the second spider may get stuck at the end of the branch. This is a glitch in the programming (please see section "Glitches" below). If this happens, jump over the second spider while it is walking away from you and then fall back to the beginning and repeat the process once it is stuck.

BananzaLevel8.png BananzaLevel9.png BananzaLevel10.png

10A: Knock both of the coconuts down by following the path and then move quickly back to the left.

10B: This indicates to wait until the spider is to the right, slide right down on the left side of the platform and knock the coconut down and very quickly jump back to the higher platform on the left where you began. Then, wait until the spider is to the far left and jump to the right of the platform, knock the coconut down, and then jump quickly all the way back to the left where you started. Afterwards, jump all the way to the platform on the right, but don't go too far: be careful not to knock the coconut down yet. Instead, wait until the spider is all the way to the right and jump down to the left of the platform and all the way over to the far right as quickly as possible.


11A: Note that the branch here is not solid; do not try to land on it! See the "Glitches" section below.


12A: Same motion indicated in section 6A.


13A: Note the two paths here: the first is to go directly across the platform without stopping to knock all of the coconuts down at once, fall all the way to the lowest platform and go immediately left to knock the final coconut down (but careful to avoid the falling coconuts from above). This is the most dangerous strategy to use. The alternate route in black is safer. This route has the monkey go to the right to knock each coconut down and then quickly back to the left. Knock each coconut individually like this, jumping up and to the right for the last one and then back left. Finally, drop down and onto the medium platform to knock the last coconut.

13B: This part of the level has each coconut dropped individually down. For the first, wait for the spider to be on the left and then fall onto the platform to knock the coconut down and move immediately to the right (fall onto the middle column of branches). Go back up to the top platform and repeat again for the second coconut. For the third coconut, wait for the spider to be on the right and then jump over it to land and knock the third coconut and immediately back jumping over the spider to land on the middle branches column. For the last coconut, wait for the spider to be on the right, jump over him and fall down to the middle branch to knock the last coconut down.

13C: The main route indicated is to fall down to the bottom branch, knock the coconut down and jump to the right to grab the banana in one leap; this is very dangerous. The alternate route is to jump up and to the left to knock the coconut down from the middle branch and then land back on the middle branch. From here, the bottom branch can be reached with ease.


14A: If the spiders are both walking in opposite directions, wait for them to be farthest apart before attempting this jump.

BananzaLevel15.png BananzaLevel16.png

16A: Do not land too for to the right on this branch; land as far to the left as possible. This will avoid the coconut dropping.


17A: If the spider at this top branch gets stuck, the odds of getting past him are very slim (see the "Glitches" section below). Try picking up all the bananas first and then go back to this branch and leap as far to the right as possible from below to try to grab the last banana. This strategy will only work every once in a while. If the spider does not get stuck, then follow the instructions as normal.

17B: Fall to the right to drop the coconut and then jump back up to the left to move out of the way.

17C: The same as 17B, fall to the left to drop the coconut and then jump back up to the right to avoid being hit. Afterwards, knock the farthest left coconut down and move all the way to the right to land on the branch above the spider.


18A: Be careful at the start of this level! As soon as the level begins, the slightest move made by the monkey will drop the coconut above. Make sure to move immediately to the left when beginning this level and don't stop until the monkey lands safely on the branch below and the coconut has fallen.

18B: You must jump on the very small, farthest left part of this branch with the spider. Practice this jump because it will be needed immensely to complete Level 19 and to get the last banana in the game.


19A: Use the same jump that was used in 18B by landing on the farthest right part of the branch, the only space the spider doesn't occupy. Repeat this for all small branches in this level.

19B: To summarize this level (since the lines are confusing), do the left side first. On the left side, jump to the lowest part to knock one coconut down, then move to the top part to grab the highest banana and the down to the middle part to grab the middle banana and immediately drop to the right. On the right side, jump to the bottom to knock one coconut down, then jump to the middle to knock the highest coconut down, then jump to the top to grab the last coconut.


20A: Make sure to jump only to the far left of this leaf so that the coconut above does not fall yet. Then, once the spider on the bottom right is to the right of its branch, fall all the way over to the bottom right branch with the spider and then quickly down to the branch to the left and below. Then jump up and over to the left of the small branch with the spider to grab the last banana and finish the game.

Although there have been numerous glitches with the Bananza end game, this is the screen that should greet you when the entire game has been completed:



There are several glitches during gameplay in Bananza, some of which make the game almost impossible to complete:

  • In Level 7, the spider to the left may get stuck at the far left of the branch, making it next to impossible to reach the banana on the branch below.
  • In Level 11, one of the branches on the bottom right is not solid, so that if it is jumped on the monkey will pass right through it. This can be avoided. In addition, the spider on the top right of the screen occasionally will get stuck on its branch, but which is also avoidable.
  • In Level 16, the spider on the top left of the screen may get stuck in position on the left side of the branch. This glitch is avoidable.
  • In Level 17, the spider at the far right and top of the screen often will get stuck at the left side of the branch. If this happens, it is very nearly impossible to get the banana on the same branch, and this glitch cannot be avoided. This glitch will cause lost games very often.



Bananza's Trophy was only obtainable for a limited time during a Trophy Challenge.