Condo Theme

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Theme Preview

Theme Items

Brushed Steel Fridge

City Chic Window

Citrus Swirl Painting

Coffee & Cream Side Table

Elegant Exposed Brick Wall

Glass-Topped Dining Table

Gold Square Flooring

Granite and Steel Counter

KinzVision HDTV

Lime Corinthian Dining Chair

Lime Corinthian Lounger

Lime Twist Painting

Mahogany Low Bed

Mocha Three-Drawer Dresser

Short Mahogany Coffee Table

Simplicity Lamp

Stainless Steel Clock

Stylish Elements Stove

White Silk Sofa

Miscellaneous Items

Condo Balcony[1]

Condo Room Divider[2]

Mahogany Bunk Bed[3]

Stylish Condo Sink[4]
  1. Available from the June 2023 WShop Challenge
  2. Available from 2018 Kinzville Bake Sale recipe and the June 2023 WShop Challenge
  3. Available from the June 2024 Deluxe Monthly Challenge
  4. Available from the June 2024 WShop Challenge

Item List and Information

Name Cost
Brushed Steel Fridge 1,100 KC
Chic City Window 600 KC
Citrus Swirl Painting 550 KC
Coffee & Cream Side Table 200 KC
Elegant Exposed Brick Wall 175 KC
Glass-Topped Dining Table 850 KC
Gold Square Flooring 125 KC
Granite and Steel Counter 250 KC
KinzVision HDTV 1,600 KC
Lime Corinthian Dining Chair 475 KC
Lime Corinthian Lounger 500 KC
Lime Twist Painting 550 KC
Mahogany Low Bed 1,100 KC
Mocha Three-Drawer Dresser 625 KC
Short Mahogany Coffee Table 475 KC
Simplicity Lamp 250 KC
Stainless Steel Clock 300 KC
Stylish Elements Stove 970 KC
White Silk Sofa 900 KC