Coral Cove

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The Coral Cove is a Clubhouse room at the Vacation Island. It can be accessed by clicking on the Tiki Hut icon from the Vacation Island map. Parties take place at the Coral Cove from 1:00–1:47 pm KinzTime each day. Players can attend parties for a chance to win raffle prizes.


The Coral Cove was introduced in September 2008. Players could visit by purchasing a Vacation Island ticket for 500 KinzCash at the Travel Agency, which unlocked access to the Island for 24 hours. The room was available in both KinzChat and KinzChat PLUS in multiple color zones.

A minimum of one party was guaranteed to take place in each color zone at a random hour from :00–:47 once a day. Players could visit the Coral Cove to search for parties. If a player entered a party room, the loading screen displayed animated balloons and the room included party decorations.

In October 2012, the Travel Agency was removed and access to the Vacation Island was restricted to players with Deluxe Membership. A ticket was no longer required and Deluxe Members could visit for free. The color zone variants of the room were removed in July 2013, and KinzChat PLUS was removed in March 2014. The room is currently available only to Deluxe Members in the KinzChat Light Blue color zone and parties occur once a day on a preset schedule.


Parties take place at the Coral Cove from 1:00–1:47 pm KinzTime each day. The appearance of the room changes during this time to include party decorations, and the loading screen animation changes from a palm tree to balloons.

Players can visit the room during a party to be entered into a raffle prize draw. All players in the room are automatically entered into the draw. Players also receive a random recipe food for attending the party and can visit the in-room buffet to feed their pets up to four additional party foods.

Raffles occur at 1:05, 1:11, 1:17, 1:23, 1:29, 1:35, 1:41, and 1:47 pm KinzTime. Players who win a raffle receive a Coral Cove Gift Box that contains a random prize.

Raffle Prizes

Coral Cove Gift Box

Captain Dogbeard Plushy

Flowing Palm Tree

Hibiscus Bush

Inflatable Palm Tree

Island Beach Chair

Ship in a Bottle

Shoreline Side Table

Tiki Torch

Vacation Deck Chair

Volcanic Rock