Dashing Dolphin

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Dashing Dolphin is one of the original Webkinz Arcade games, released in 2005. The game was retired in 2007, and was brought back for Deluxe members in 2013.



The object of the game is to swim break all of the nets to free the trapped sea creatures. The dolphin must break all of the nets before the timer runs out to advance to the next level. If the timer runs out, the player can continue to break the nets until all are cleared, but will not advance to the next level and the game will end.Bonus points can be scored by passing through rings. The dolphin can swim through the underwater blue rings and jump through the above-water gold rings for bonus points. Jellyfish, rocks, and seaweed will slow the dolphin. Water currents (blue arrows) will provide a speed boost.


The dolphin is controlled by using the arrow keys to move and the space bar to jump.


  • Net: 10 points
  • Blue ring: 25 points
  • Gold ring: 50 points
  • Time bonus: 5 points per 1 second remaining
  • Level bonus: 75 points per level completed
  • 1 KinzCash is earned for every 80 points.

End Game

It is not known if there is a maximum level for this game. The maximum score for this game is 20,000 points in the Arcade. If a game exceeds this score, an error message will display, the score will not register, and KinzCash will not be rewarded. The maximum score occurs around level 17.


The trophy was only obtainable for a limited time during a Trophy Challenge.


  • Swimming through hoops is not a requirement. The only objective is to break the nets.
  • Hitting the center of a gold hoop will cause the dolphin to stop. Avoid the gold hoop by jumping through it or swimming around it.
  • Blue arrows provide speed boosts.
  • The white arrow indicates the location of the next net.
  • The timer starts as soon as the Next Level button is clicked.
  • The level layouts repeat starting at level 12 (i.e., level 12 is the same layout as level 1), but the time required to complete the level is reduced.