Deluxe Prize Machine

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The Deluxe Prize Machine (DPM) is an event at Today's Activities. Deluxe Members can press a button on the machine to receive a prize. A random Free or Full Member account also receives the same prize and a KinzPost letter.

The DPM is available as an all-day event on random days and on Deluxe Day each month. It can only be used once per Deluxe account during its scheduled time.


The DPM was introduced on August 26, 2009[4]. The prize pool initially included DPM Exclusives, KinzCash, Recipe Foods, and KinzStyle Outlet items.

In July 2014, the DPM was updated[5]. Recipe Foods and KinzStyle Outlet items were removed from the prize pool, and Wish Tokens and Deluxe Random Prizes were added. KinzCash prize limits were also raised and the odds of receiving a DPM Exclusive increased.

Additional DPM Exclusives have been added and removed in subsequent years. In March 2019, a Webkinz Newz post announced that 26 previously released items were added to the DPM[6]. In March 2020, 7 new items were added[7]. All items officially added to the DPM since March 2020 are currently available. The 26 items added in 2019 have not been reported in recent years and their status in the DPM is unknown.

Prize Distribution

The complete current prize pool for the DPM has not been officially released. The pool includes DPM Exclusives, KinzCash, Wish Tokens, and a selection of items flagged as Deluxe Random Prizes, such as the Squiggly Sunglasses[8].

Deluxe Random Prizes are also referred to as Deluxe Monthly Gift Box Prizes on Webkinz Newz[9]. Prior to the introduction of Deluxe Gift Box Themes in December 2016, the Deluxe Monthly Gift Box included a Wish Token, Monthly Clothing piece, and a third random item[10]. As of July 2014, the prize pool for the third item is also available in the DPM.

Player data indicates that the Deluxe Random Prize pool consists primarily of Media Promotion and Clubhouse Event items, Rare items, eStore items, and a small number of Wheel & Game and Unreleased items.

The relative likelihood of receiving a prize from each category is shown below. Note that these percentages are derived from player data, as the official distribution has not been released. The randomization mechanism of the DPM and empirical likelihood of receiving any given prize may differ from the reported values.

DPM Distribution
Category Probability (%)[1]
DPM Exclusive[2] 40%
KinzCash (101–499) 33%
Wish Token 17%
Deluxe Random Prize 10%
  1. Percentages were computed from a sample of n = 427 observations
  2. When analyzed as discrete groups, DPM Exclusive Food and and DPM Exclusive Items occurred at rates of 21% and 19% likelihood, respectively, suggesting that these are flagged as one category

The proportional distribution of Deluxe Random Prizes based on their original availability is shown below. This table is included for descriptive purposes, as these items are likely flagged as one category with equivalent odds in the DPM.

Deluxe Random Prize Distribution
Category % Deluxe Random Prize[1] % Total DPM[2]
Ad Promotion[3] 50% 5%
Rare 36% 4%
eStore 14% 1%
  1. Percentages were computed from a subset of n = 44 observations classed as Deluxe Random Prizes
  2. Percentages were computed from a sample of n = 427 observations
  3. The term Ad Promotion is used on Webkinz Newz to refer to items primarily classified as Media Promotion and Clubhouse Event items on the Webkinz Guide, barring minor exceptions such as Unreleased Ad Promotion items

Current Prize Pool

The known prize pool for the DPM is shown below. This list is incomplete. Readers can contribute by clicking the "Report a problem" button at the top of the page and submitting a URL screenshot of the prize received.

Deluxe Prize Machine Exclusives

Cheeseburger Royale

Creme-de-la-Creme Sundae

Deluxe Balloon

Deluxe Belt

Deluxe Butter Tart

Deluxe Clock

Deluxe Decanter of Dairy

Deluxe Donut

Deluxe Golden Chocolate Brick

Deluxe Onion Rings

Deluxe Pizza

Deluxe Tapestry

Elegant Golden Crown

Elegant Golden Tiara

Epic Cake Pops

Fancy Chocolate Heart[1]

First Class Carpet

First Class Jacket

First Class Lamp

Framed Gold Coin Collection

Gold Star Chocolate Bar

Golden Caramel

Golden Gate Border Fence

Golden Gate Fence

Golden Glasses

Golden Gown

Golden Mirror

Golden Sparkling Helmet

Golden Sparkling Sneakers

Golden Stunt Suit

Golden Suit

Golden Stone Path

Golden Stone Path Corner

Golden Wall Chandelier

House of Deluxe Divider

House of Deluxe Shield

Membership Cookie

Mighty Golden Trophy Pedestal

Premium Crisps

Scrumptious S'mores

Sizzling Grilled Cheese Stack

Smorgasbord Crackers and Cheese Platter

Sour Bite Sized Candy

Super Slushy

Super Special Onesie Pajamas

Supreme Hot Cocoa

Towering Triple Decker Sandwich

VIP Curved Red Carpet

VIP Red Carpet

VIP Room Divider

Wondrous Wall Chandelier

  1. This item was originally available as a 2007 Valentine's Day Gift and was officially added to the DPM in March 2020[1]


101–499 KinzCash

Wish Token

Wish Token

Deluxe Random Prizes

Ad Promotion

Amethyst Princess Dress[1]

Amethyst Tiara

Black and White Cat Paperweight

Blonde Floppy Hat

Blue Bean Bag Chair

Blue Full-Length Hoodie

Blue Moon

Bulletin Board

Bunny PJs[1]

Carrot Fridge

Carrot Spring Chair

Checkered Shirt

Chipmunk Mask

City Street Slide

Cool Chipmunk Mask

Cruisin' Deck Chair

Diamond Apple

Dwarf Shoes

Elegant Ball Gown

Enchanted Mirror

Enchanted Tiara

Enchanted Vanity

Fabled Top Hat

Fairy Tale Dress

Fancy Tuxedo Jacket

Fashion Magazines

Flower Hair Clip

Green Full-Length Hoodie

Jokey Gift

Looney Round Rug

Magnolia Tree

Makeup Bag

Mermaid Bobblehead

Panda T-Shirt

Peaceful Meadow Window

Pink Hydrangeas

Pirate Sheath

Pixie Dust Pouch

Plush Besties

Pop Art Carrot

Red Floppy Hat

Ruby Apple

Solar System Poster

Sparkle Heart Dress

Squiggly Sunglasses[1]

Stylish City Boots

Stylish City Dress

Swirly Bean Rug

Tea Party Set

Toy Lizard

Video Game Console

Wacky Zingoz Plush

White Britches

White Floppy Hat

White Soft Shoes

White Summer Dress

Woolly Moustache

Yellow Chick Plushy

  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 This item has not been officially released; see Unreleased for further information


Ace of Clubs Divider

Ancient Civilization Flooring

Apollo Fountain

Baroness Bookshelf

Blue Minaret Vase

Centurion Candelabra

Contessa Candle Lamp

Contessa Candle Wall Sconce

Desert Destiny Window

Enchanted Dreams Bed

Fancy Fountain

Feast of Fruit Table

Flourishing Tree and Flower Bed

Flying Cozy Carpet

Freshly Planted Garden

Golden Oil Lamp of Persia

Golf Cart

Hand Sculpted Statue

Her Serene Highness Sofa

Hot Air Balloon

Imperial Urn

King's Guard Suit of Armor

Kinzvision Plasma TV

Magic Maiden Mirror

Master Grill

Medieval Chest

Medieval Coffee Table

Neo Gothic Coffee Table

Neo Gothic Couch

Neo Gothic Dining Chair

Neo Gothic Dining Table

Neo Gothic Fireplace

Neo Gothic Flat Screen

Neo Gothic Flooring

Neo Gothic Floor Lamp

Neo Gothic Grandfather Clock

Neo Gothic Night Stand

Neo Gothic Pillar

Neo Gothic Vine Bookshelf

Neo Gothic Wardrobe

Painted Rose Bush

Pile of Persian Pillows

Queen of Hearts Bed

Rock Garden

Royal Reign Rug

Screwy Lamp[1]

Secluded Garden Bench

Serene Green Tree

Stone Speedster

Unbirthday Party Chair

Victorian Garden Bench

Whimsical Wonderland Wallpaper

Wild West Train

Wild Safari Print Screen

Work of Art Shrubbery

  1. This item is a Curio Shop Only exclusive that retired in April 2010; it is likely available in the DPM due to the change in its status flag when retired from the Curio Shop, as it has been unofficially reported that select Curio Shop Only and WShop items were available in the DPM prior to 2014[2][3]


Avante Condo Flooring

Avante Condo Side Table

Avante Condo Wallpaper

Bustling Backpack

Chef Gazpacho Blender

Chef Gazpacho Mega Stove

Chef Gazpacho Stove

Classroom Whiteboard

Copasetic Chair

Drip Drying Clothesline

Cubist Tapestry

Designer In-ground Pool

Eau de Skunk Perfume Bottle

Flying Carpet

Gaggle of Googles Silkscreen

Glamorous Golden Coffee Table

Golden Oasis Ottoman

Griffin House Tapestry

Groovy Digs Dresser

Groovy Side Table

High End Dining Table

Hot Rod School Bus

King's Feast Dining Table

Large Garden Waterfall

Leafy Lounge Chair

Leafy Loveseat

Let's Boogie Lamp

Mood Tester

Night and Day Chair

Orange Explosion Rug

Outta Sight Orbital Chair

Pink Dex Super Fan Vanity

Psychedelic Circles Rug

Sit on it Sofa

Skunk Stripes Flooring

Stuttered Sunrises Panels


Totally Rad Dining Table

Totally Tik Tok Clock

Zebra Print Silkscreen