Doug the Dog

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Doug is a gem collector and host in the webkinz clubhouse. He has the biggest collection of gems in Kinzville. Doug has the ability to sniff out gems and to sniff out any misplaced item. Doug was the first to discover Unicorns in Webkinz World. He can be added on the Cell Phone.


"Doug is an explorer and an avid gem collector. He used to be best friends with Arte Fact, but their friendship took a turn for the worse when Arte found a series of gem mines but failed to tell him. In Doug’s mind, this was the ultimate betrayal. After this happened, Doug threw away his lifetime friendship with Arte and decided to start his own quest for gems, jewels, and sparkly rocks. Doug is well-liked and well-respected around town, and Arte’s nephew (Sparky) often tags along on his adventures. Arte and Doug accept this situation and just try their best to avoid each other."[1]

Doug's Collector Room

Players can talk to him and trade gems in exchange for special prizes. Doug can be found in Doug's Collector Room and he can be given a gem in exchange for one of twenty different prizes.


Doug can be found in the following books:

  • An Air of Mystery Book
  • Does the Caged Singoz Sing? Storybook
  • The Last Adventure

Appearances on Trading Cards