Dunk the Zingoz

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Dunk the Zingoz is a game that appears in Today's Activities. Similar to a dunking booth at a fair or carnival, the player must hit a target with a ball to drop Wacky into the pool below.


The player has five chances to throw a ball at a target on the right side of the screen. There is a power meter below that displays how high the ball will be thrown, and the ball is aimed by moving the mouse. Clicking the mouse throws the ball at the target. If the player hits the target, Wacky is dropped into the pool and they receive thirty KinzCash. Formerly, the prize was just ten KinzCash.

A random trophy is also available for this game - it is awarded if Wacky is dunked into the pool and the number of the player's dunk matches the Lucky Dunk of the hour. However, this trophy is incredibly rare.