EStore Points

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eStore Points are Webkinz World's premium currency. They can be purchased in the WShop or from the Ganz eStore for real-world currency, and then spent on premium items in the game. 1,000 eStore points is approximately equivalent to one U.S. dollar. Deluxe members receive a certain amount of eStore points every month.

Ganz eStore

For more information on the items available in the eStore, see Ganz eStore.


Certain games offer boosts or powerups that can be purchased with eStore points. Jumbleberry Fields and SPREE! are once daily games, but bonus plays can be purchased using eStore points. Goober's Atomic Adventure offers boosts that can be purchased using eStore points, helping players complete stubborn levels.

Points you can buy from the eStore or that you get from buying Deluxe Membership from the eStore, and you can spend them on anything in the Estore if you have enough or more of the points.

Game Cards

eStore points can be purchased online using a credit card, but they could also be given as gifts using game cards. Game cards were introduced in 2011, and were available at f.y.e, Gamestop, and Walgreens. Game cards could be purchased in $10.00 and $25.00 amounts.

Estore Card Ad.png Estore Card 10.png Estore Card 25.png