Earth Day

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Earth Day is an annual holiday celebrated on April 22. The first Earth Day celebration in Webkinz took place from April 20–22, 2010. Typical events include a login gift and click-to-win promotion. Themed pets and items are also available at the eStore.

Earth Day is not consistently celebrated in Webkinz. The most recent login gift was awarded in 2013 and the most recent Earth Day events took place in 2016. Earth Day items are available at the eStore in April each year.

Login Gifts

Mini Wind Turbine

Sun Seeking Solar Panel

Wind Farm Turbine

Flower Power Wind Turbine
  1. The Wind Farm Turbine was available as a login gift the first time that an account was accessed from April 22–29, 2012[1]



Players could collect floating Earth Cookies once a day April 20–22:

Earth Cookies


Players could collect a Go Green Hat from Webkinz Newz on April 22:

Go Green Hat


Players could click the Earth Day ad on Webkinz Newz once a day April 12–25 to receive a random WShop tree:

Elm Tree

Garden Spruce Tree

Palm Tree

Earth Day Challenges


Apr 1-30, 2012


CampKinz Picnic Table
  • Earn a total score of 500 points playing Ant Mania in the Arcade
  • Feed your pet 5 Burgers from the W Shop
  • Pick up 3 pieces of trash at the Kinzville Park


Mini Wind Turbine Root Beer Float
  • Ask your friends for 5 Pairs of Rubber Gloves
  • Pick up 6 pieces of trash at the Kinzville Park
  • Feed your pet 10 glasses of Root Beer from the W Shop


Aquamarine Butterfly Tree Exquisite Carrot
  • Ask your friend for 8 Saplings
  • Plant any 5 Growing Garden seeds in your pet's garden
  • Earn a total of 1200 points playing Flutterbugged in the Arcade


Apr 3-30, 2013


50 Kinzcash Gardening Tools
  • Buy a Gleaming Green Table from the WShop
  • Send a gift to a friend through KinzPost
  • Plant 5 Cabbage Seeds in your yard


Field Berry Smoothie Go Green Graphic Dress
  • Feed your pet 3 orange juices
  • Buy any hat from the Kinzstyle Outlet
  • Harvest 3 Cabbages


Climbing Tree Loose Leaf Sandwich
  • Pick up 3 pieces of trash at the Kinzville Park
  • Ask your friends for 5 Seedlings
  • Earn 500 points playing Tulip Trouble 2 at the Arcade

Kinzville Park

From April 20–22, 2010, trash appeared more frequently in the Kinzville Park.

Webkinz Newz Contests

Two Earth Day contests took place on Webkinz Newz in 2012. In the first contest, players entered by responding to a poll question. Ten random players received a Love the Planet Sheep Figure:

Love the Planet Sheep Figure

In the second contest, players were asked to describe their Earth Day plans. Five players received an Earth Table:

Earth Table

Webkinz Newz 'Kinz Crew hosts Salley Cat and Roberta Rabbit also posted a series of articles detailing their Earth Day plans as part of the promotion:

#GlobalPanda Promotion

In 2016, an Earth Day #GlobalPanda event was held on Instagram to promote the release of the Global Panda. Players who commented on the final post by 11 am on April 22 were entered into a random draw for a Vibrant Rainbow Tree[2]:

Vibrant Rainbow Tree

eStore Earth Day Items

Select eStore items were released as part of the Earth Day celebrations from 2011–2015. These are available as recurring items in the eStore:

Go Green Graphic Dress

Wind Farm Wallpaper

Earth Day Stained Glass Window

Eco Friendly Scooter

Nurture Nature Stained Glass Window

Water Wheel Ride

Vibrant Rainbow Tree

Themed Pets

Green Earth Puppy
April 2011

Earth Fawn
May 2013

Earth Dragon
August 2015

Global Panda
April 2016

Earthly Fox
April 2017

Earthly Pegasus
March 2024