Earth Day

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Earth Day is an event in Webkinz World. The first year for the event was from April 20th to April 22nd in 2010.


Each Earth Day, multiple events become available to join and many prizes and gifts are able to be earned. Typically, a gift is given to the player upon logging in. Special items become available in the Ganz eStore and floating items will sometimes appear.

In the Kinzville Park, trash will be littered more frequently around the grounds, which can be picked up and dropped into the bins placed all over the park.

Special Items and Events by Year


The first year that login gifts would be given.

Floating Leaf Cookies were able to be seen and received when clicked on. Logging in on this day would have gifted the player a Mini Wind Turbine for outdoor rooms.


  • Sun Seeking Solar Panel
  • Go Green Hat
  • Go Green Graphic Dress
  • Wind Farm Wallpaper
  • Tranquil Tree Swing
  • Caring Valley Tree Kit

After logging in, the player would have received a Sun Seeking Solar Panel and the Go Green Hat was available to earn via clicking it while it floated across the screen.[1][2] The Go Green Graphic Dress, Wind Farm Wallpaper, Tranquil Tree Swing, and the Caring Valley Tree Kit were available to buy in the Ganz eStore.[3] A minor gift was an "environmentally friendly Kinzpost card".[4]


Earth Day Contest Ad
  • Earth Table
  • Eco-Friendly Scooter
  • Earth Day Stained Glass Window
  • Go Green Graphic Dress
  • Wind Turbine

An Earth Day Contest was hosted in April 2012, where the player had the chance to earn the retired Earth Table.[5] At the eStore, the Eco-Friendly Scooter and Earth Day Stained Glass Window were available. The Go Green Graphic Dress returned as well.[6] An Earth Day ad was shown between April 12th and April 25th, and when clicked would grant the player a tree. [7] Lastly, an Earth Day Challenge was hosted in Webkinz World and logging in would grant the player a Wind Turbine. [8][9]

'Kinz Crew Posts

Salley Cat (and Roberta Rabbit) from the 'Kinz Crew posted multiple Webkinz Newz articles about her plans for Earth Day:

Kinzville Park

On the 20th-22nd of April 2010 if you go in the Kinzville Park to get some Trash you should be able to see more garbage to collect.