Face Paint & Stickers Collection

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Face Paint

Item Availability Tradeable
Face Paint Party Loot Bag Prize Yes
Lucky Face Paint Deluxe Monthly Clothing
March 2021
Nightmare Face Paint 2022 Fall Mystery Clothing Bag Yes
Spring Fling Face Paint Spring Fling Challenge 2015 Yes
True Love Face Paint Holiday Gift
Valentine’s Day 2011
Zombie Face Paint Seasonal KinzStyle Outlet
Halloween 2009

Face Stickers

Item Availability Tradeable
Adventure Park Face Stickers Adventure Park
Candy Festival Jeopardy
Fall Fest Face Paint 2023 Fall Fest Soda Yes
Glam Rock Face Sticker Rockerz Raccoon PSI Yes
Groupie Face Stickers Rockerz Backstage Pass Exclusive
Magic W Face Sticker Party Loot Bag Prize Yes
Shock Rockin’ Face Stickers Mohawk Monkey PSI Yes
Snowy Face Stickers Winterfest 2012 Yes
Ultimate Sleepover Face Stickers eStore No