Flats Collection

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Item Availability Tradeable

Aqua Lace Flats
2015 Spring Seasonal KinzStyle Outlet Yes

Bright Butterfly Flats
2019 Spring Mystery Bag Yes

Butterfly Ballet Flats
2017 Summer Mystery Bag Yes

Crocheted Spring Shoes
eStore Spring Mystery Promo
2023 Spring Clothing Mystery Bag

Dragonfly Flats
eStore No

Glittering Flats
eStore No

Helping Paws Club Flats
Helping Paws Yes

Pretty Bow Flats
2017 Spring Seasonal KinzStyle Outlet Yes

Purple Flats
2019 Spring Seasonal KinzStyle Outlet Yes

Rainbow Glitter Flats
eStore No

Rhinestone Flats
KinzStyle Outlet Yes

Ribbon Flats
2020 Spring Seasonal KinzStyle Outlet Yes

Simply Relaxed Flats
eStore Promo - Gift Bags
2023 Mother's Day Gift Bag

Snowflake Princess Shoes
2017 Cracker Yes

Solar Flare Flats
Deluxe 2018 August Yes

Southern Belle Flats
2015 Fall Mystery Bag Yes

Sweet Blush Shoes
2022 Summer Mystery Bag Yes

Sweet Fall Flats
Fall 2022 Seasonal KinzStyle Outlet Yes

Turquoise Flats
Webkinz Newz Yes

Warm Spring Flats
Spring 2021 Seasonal KinzStyle Outlet Yes

Webkinz Chic Flats
2014 Spring Mystery Bag Yes