Freaky Forest Theme

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Theme Preview

Theme Items

Creepy Coffin Fridge

Creepy Creek Tile

Creepy Curved Creek Tile

Eerie Aura Well

Freaky Forest Cave

Freaky Forest Floor Tile

Freaky Forest Rocks

Freaky Forest Sign

Freaky Forest Waterfall

Freaky Stone Column

Freaky Stone Wall

Ghastly Gazebo

Haunted Hollow Log

Haunted Tree House Bed

Phantom Toll Bridge

Terrifying Tree Swing

Wailing Willow Tree

Item List and Information

Name Cost
Creepy Coffin Fridge 900 KC
Creepy Creek Tile 80 KC
Creepy Curved Creek Tile 80 KC
Eerie Aura Well 900 KC
Freaky Forest Cave 950 KC
Freaky Forest Floor Tile 350 KC
Freaky Forest Rocks 200 KC
Freaky Forest Sign 130 KC
Freaky Forest Waterfall 1,100 KC
Freaky Stone Column 650 KC
Freaky Stone Wall 250 KC
Ghastly Gazebo 900 KC
Haunted Hollow Log 380 KC
Haunted Tree House Bed 1,300 KC
Phantom Toll Bridge 1,100 KC
Terrifying Tree Swing 1,050 KC
Wailing Willow Tree 700 KC