Gazebo Collection

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Item Availability Tradeable

Autumn Gazebo
eStore Promo Yes

Autumn Patio Gazebo
eStore No

Beachside Gazebo
PSI Tropical Island Pup Yes

Brilliant Gazebo
eStore Promo Yes

Catnip Canopy Gazebo
PSI Small Signature Grey Tabby Cat Yes

Christmas Caroler Gazebo
WShop 2013 Christmas Yes

Country Garden Gazebo
PSI Countryside Mouse Yes

Countryside Gazebo
PSI Opossum Yes

Cozy Cottage Gazebo
Webkinz Next Home Away From Home Challenge Yes

Creepy Gazebo
eStore Promo Yes

Daffodil Gazebo
Growing Seeds Mystery Box Series 1 Yes

Dreamy Gazebo
WShop Yes

Elf Gazebo
eStore Stockings & Crackers
2023 Painted Poinsettia Stocking Gift

Enchanted Pond Gazebo
eStore No

Fairy Den Gazebo
eStore Promo Yes

Fairykinz Gazebo
eStore Promo; Fairykinz Meadow ?? Box Yes

Garden Party Gazebo
eStore No

Gazebo Summerhouse
eStore No

Gazing Gazebo Seat
eStore No

Gerbera Daisy Gazebo
Growing Seeds Mystery Box Series 2 Yes

Ghastly Gazebo
WShop 2015 Halloween Yes

Greenhouse Gazebo
PSI Lovely Butterfly Yes

Happy New Year Gazebo
eStore No

Holidays Gazebo
2015 Magnificent Knit Stocking Yes

Holly Days Gazebo
eStore Deluxe Customer Appreciation 2013 Yes

Hot Tub Gazebo
Deluxe Monthly Challenge January 2023 Yes

Icicle Gazebo
eStore No

Icing on the Cake Gazebo
eStore Promo Yes

Lantern Gazebo
2019 Stocking Yes

Lavish Carriage Gazebo
PSI Royal Elephant Yes

Monarch Stained Glass Gazebo
eStore No

Oak Tree Gazebo
Webkinz Friends; also available from the Wish Factory Yes

Peppermint Lane Gazebo
eStore No

Rainy Escape Gazebo
eStore No

Red Lantern Gazebo
2020 Superb Silver Stocking Prize Yes

SantaKinz Gazebo
eStore Promo Yes

Spaniel Gazebo
PSI Cocker Spaniel (2022) Yes

Sparkling Diamond Gazebo
PSI Diamond Dragonfly Yes

Starfish Gazebo
2021 Mystery Planter Box Series 2 Yes

Special Celebration Gazebo
eStore No

Spring Owl Gazebo
eStore No

Spring Stone Gazebo
2021 Spring Mystery Bag Yes

Stained Glass Gazebo
eStore No

Stylish Gazebo
eStore No

Tiger Lily Gazebo
PSI Tiger Lily Kitten Yes

Tranquility Gazebo
eStore No

Twinkle Light Gazebo
PSI Firefly Yes

Valentine Gazebo
eStore Promo Yes

Violet Gazebo
eStore No

Wildflower Gazebo
2012 Flower Collection Event Yes

Winter Ice Gazebo
eStore No

Woodland Gazebo
eStore No

Zen Garden Gazebo
eStore No
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