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Goober is the Webkinz World scientist. His full name is Harold J. "Goober" Hausenfeffer Jr. He is the host of the Goober's Lab, a mini-game in the arcade, and has appeared in many W-Tales stories and a variety of other areas in Webkinz World. He also hosts Goober's Atomic Adventure in the arcade, and Atomicolicious in the tournament arena.

His younger brother is named Booger.

According to the Webkinz Trading Cards, Goober invented a number of the items in Webkinz World including the Dream-o-Meter Bed and the Frosty Snow Making Machine.


Goober has also been in a Webkinz special event. During April 2010, Goober was found in the Clubhouse giving out rockets that you could collect. If you collected all 10 rockets, you earned a special firework surprise. This event was called "Goobatomic Rockets". This event was for Webkinz Day and lasted from April 23 to April 29 in 2010.

As of 2023, Goober was elected Mayor of Kinzville with the promise of adding new items to the Wheel of WOW each month.


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Appearances on Trading Cards

"Goober's Lab is one of the most popular games in Webkinz World. If you added up all of the time it has been played, it'd be more than 70 years! While Goober's Lab is lots of fun to play, that popularity can also be attributed to the dog himself, Goober!

Goober was conceived as a kooky, but lovable dog who has been working so hard on perfecting his formula; he can't remember what the formula is for anymore. We think Goober turned out great."

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  • If you look on Goober's table in Goober's Lab, you can see Einstein's brain in a bottle.
  • Booger is his brother. Booger likes math, not science.
  • If you want to be Goober's friend, go to Webkinz Phone, and write Goober. However, it does not work.
  • There are three games featuring Goober: Goober's Lab, Atomicolicious (which is two player), and Goober's Atomic Adventure.
  • He has a cousin named Drooger, who is mentioned in The Smarty Pants.