Goober's Lab

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Goober's Lab is a the Arcade game. It stars the character Goober who is best known for his part in this game but also appears in several other areas of Webkinz World. Goober's Lab is also the first official Webkinz App for iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad.



Goober is a scientific dog who is very interested in Chemistry. In this game, you and Goober work together to try and fill up his Erlenmeyer Flask located to the right of the game play screen. To fill up this flask you must make rows of three or more atoms. To make rows of atoms click on two atoms that are side-by-side to make them switch positions.


Use the left mouse button to click the atoms.



You get a random chance of getting a trophy by switching 2 atoms to make 2 five-in-a-rows. Remember: You need both five-atom combinations, one would not work. The Goober's Lab Trophy is animated. The atom on top rotates and spins.


  • If you make rows of 4 or 5 atoms special atoms will appear. If you use this atoms in other rows you can earn extra points, extra KinzCash, and other special bonuses.
  • Once you get to the higher levels try and complete lines close to the top before doing lines near the bottom. If you are do a line near the top it is very unlikely that you will affect lines below it. If you do lines near the bottom it could affect many possible lines near the top of the screen.