Griddling Gourmet Arcade Game

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How do I unlock this game?

Unlocked when one of your pets has completed all 10 levels of the Griddle Class at the Kinzville Academy. Once one of your pets completes all 10 levels, the game will appear in the arcade.


The game is similar to the Cooking class at the Kinzville Academy. You must flip pancakes to fill orders before the time runs out. You get 1 KC for every 225 points.


Use the mouse to flip the pancakes.


As the levels increase, the griddle becomes hotter. This causes the pancakes to cook faster. You will have to be quick to flip the pancakes before they burn. Each time you complete 2 orders, the temperature is increased and the level is increased. Note that there is no break between levels.

Here is a level 1 screenshot


Here is a level 2 screenshot. Notice that the temperature on the griddle has increased.



There is no trophy available for this game.


You lose 2 seconds if you burn a pancake. You gain 2 seconds for a perfect pancake. You gain more time when completing a level.