Headband Collection

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Item Availability Tradeable

Beaded Flapper Headband
eStore No

Beaded Headband
2016 Summer KinzStyle Outlet Yes

Blue Aster Headband
2020 Summer Mystery Bag Yes

Blue Bandana
KinzStyle Outlet Yes

Brilliant Head Scarf
Seasonal KinzStyle Outlet
Spring 2015

Cat Burglar Headband
2020 Halloween WShop Yes

Celebration Headband
eStore No

Classic Daisy Headband
2021 Spring Mystery Clothing Bag Yes

Crystal Flower Hair Band
Webkinz Newz Yes

Cupcake Headband
eStore No

Delicate Dragonfly Headband
2015 Spring Mystery Bag Yes

Diamond Ring Headband
2015 Summer Mystery Bag Yes

Eggy Headband
April 2018 Deluxe Yes

Enchanted Forest Headband
2016 Summer Mystery Bag Yes

Fallen Leaves Headband
2012 Fall KinzStyle Outlet Yes

Floral Hairband
2017 Spring KinzStyle Outlet Yes

Flower Girl Headpiece
eStore No

Fresh Flower Bandana
eStore Spring Mystery Promo
2023 Spring Clothing Mystery Bag

Friendship Headband
Mattel Fijit Promo Yes

Gleeful Swing Dance Hat
eStore No

Holly Headband
2015 Cracker Yes

I Heart Headband
2013 Valentines Gift Bag Yes

Lavender Headband
2019 Spring KinzStlye Outlet Yes

Lollipop Headband
Mobile Wheel of WOW Yes

Lucky Boingy Headband
March 2020 Deluxe Yes

Lucky Clover Headband
eStore No

Martian Headband
2011 Halloween KinzStlye Outlet Yes

Mint to Be Hairband
2015 Fall Mystery Bag Yes

Moon Costume Hat
2021 Customer Appreciation No

New Style Swing Hat
eStore No

Nibbles Kinz Headband
eStore No

Off to School Headband
eStore No

Olympus Goddess Headband
eStore No

Orange Knitted Flower Headband
Webkinz Newz Yes

Peach Petals Cat Ears
2021 Spring Mystery Clothing Bag Yes

Picnic Days Headband
eStore No

Pirate Empress Bandana
eStore No

Ribbon Headband
2020 Summer KinzStlye Outlet Yes

Rockerz Braided Headband
PSI Rockerz Cow Yes

Roman Head Wreath
Deluxe Membership
Monthly Clothing - January 2012

Shamrock Headband
2014 St.Patrick's Day Gift Bag Yes

Shamrockin' Bandana
Webkinz Newz Yes

Snowflake Headband
2012 Cracker Yes

Sparkling Wand Headband
eStore Promo Yes

Strawberry Headband
Seasonal KinzStyle Outlet
Spring 2023

Stunning Head Scarf
Deluxe Membership
Monthly Clothing - March 2015

Sugary Heart Headband
eStore No

Summer Rose Headband
2013 Summer Mystery Bag Yes

Sunflower Sprite Headband
2013 Fall Mystery Bag Yes

Sunny Spring Headband
2017 Spring Mystery Bag Yes

Sunset Dahlia Headband
2021 Fall Mystery Bag Yes

Super Star Hat
eStore Spring Mystery Promo
2014 Spring Clothing Mystery Bag

Tabby's Ears Headband
eStore No

Vintage Glam Hair Band
Webkinz Newz Yes

Webkinz Cute Hairband
2014 Spring Mystery Bag Yes

Webkinz Headband
2014 Fall Mystery Bag Yes

Wild Savannah Head Wrap
eStore No

Workout Headband
Challenge Yes

Yellow Chick Headband
eStore No

Zesty Bandana
Seasonal KinzStyle Outlet
Summer 2020

Zombie Girl Headband
eStore No