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Inukshuk the polar bear is a Webkinz World character who appears in the Arcade games Polar Plunge & Polarberry Jam, and the W Tales Book: Inukshuk's Wish. He is 14 years old.



He is described by Ganz as follows: "Inukshuk is a bear who LOVES the great outdoors and being active. Sledding is his favorite hobby, but he’s also an avid climber. Inukshuk is a little bit self-centered and really likes getting presents. He doesn’t always appreciate his friends for all they do for him…but it’s a fault he’s working on. Inukshuk is most readily identified by his toque and mittens (and his red sled)."

Polar Plunge

Inukshuk stars in the Arcade game Polar Plunge. In this game, he sleds down a dangerous slope and avoids numerous obstacles along the way in order to reach the bottom. A Polar Plunge Trophy can be won from this game, and on top sits a golden likeness of Inukshuk sledding.

Inukshuk also appears as the star of the Arcade game Polarberry Jam. In this game, he tries to collect all of the berries on each level. To do so, he must avoid the yetis which will run into him and cause a lost life. When all fifteen levels of the game are completed for the first time, the Polarberry Jam Trophy is awarded, on top of which is a golden statue of Inukshuk.


Inukshuk can be found in the following books:

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