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KinzCash is the main currency in Webkinz World. KinzCash can be used to buy items in the WShop, Curio Shop and KinzStyle Outlet. KinzCash was formerly used to send packages and letters through KinzPost, as well as to take classes in the Kinzville Academy.

Earning KinzCash


Here are simple ways to get KinzCash:

  1. Play games at the Arcade or Tournament Arena.
  2. Answer trivia questions at Quizzy's Corner.
  3. Spin Wishing Well 2 and Wheel of WOW in the Arcade.
  4. Watch the Today's Activities page for chances to do special activities.
  5. Answer the weekly survey in the Kinzville Times.
  6. Enter contests (contest page located in the Newspaper).
  7. Visit the My Pets page everyday and do Daily KinzCare.
  8. Do jobs at the Employment Office.
  9. Adopt more Webkinz pets! You get KinzCash with each new pet.