KinzChat Cell Phone

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The KinzChat Cell Phone is the place for players to add and remove friends on their chat list. It can also be used to invite other players to play games in the Tournament Arena or to visit your house.


Deluxe members have the ability to customize their cell phone, including changing its color, shape, and design. There are four different shapes to choose from and eleven different patterns. The color of the phone's pattern can be changed independently from the main phone - for example, if a player wanted their phone to be yellow but the pattern on it to be green, they could select different colors for each.

Color Zones

Intially, social feature in Webkinz World were broken up into different zones. There were multiple different color zones for players to use including Dark Blue, Light Blue, Light Green, Yellow, Orange, Purple, and Pink. Deluxe members also formerly had access to an exclusive Gold Zone. To play games with a friend or visit their house, every user that wanted to play would have to be in the same Zone. The color of a user's KinzChat Cell Phone would display what zone they were in, unless they were a Deluxe member that customized their phone. On customized phones, the inside border of a player's phone would be the same color as the Zone they were in.

Zones could be switched by clicking on the "Switch Zones" button on the KinzChat Cell Phone. A list of Zones would pop up, each with a box containing a smiley face next to it. The amount of smiley faces would indicate how full that Zone was - one smiley face being the emptiest, and four smiley faces indicating that a Zone is full. Players must wait ten seconds between changing Zones.

Zones were also used to communicate in the Clubhouse. Access to KinzChat Plus was scheduled by Zone, and it could only be accessed at certain times. In 2013, all zones were condensed into one: Light Blue. Now all players can connect and communicate without having to switch zones.

Adding Friends

To add a friend to the chat list, click the Add A Friend button on the left. Type their username into the box, and a request will be sent. Webkinz World Hosts such as Ms. Birdy and Arte Fact can also be added to the chat list by typing their name in the box. They may also send a request to a player's KinzChat Cell Phone if they interact with them in the Clubhouse or Kinzville Park. For example, a player might get a friend request from Mr. Moo after buying an ice cream cone, or a friend request from Ms. Birdy after visiting her in the Welcome Room.

Inviting Friends

To invite a friend to play a game, first check that the smiley face next to their name is green. A green smiley face means that that friend is in the same Zone and ready to play, while a red smiley face means that they are either not online or in a different Zone. A yellow smiley face means that that player is in the same Zone, but they have Do Not Disturb turned on. Players cannot receive invites while Do Not Disturb is turned on. However, they can send invites to other friends.

Clicking on a friend's name in the cell phone makes the Invite A Friend button available. Assuming that both players are in the same zone, clicking this button will allow both players to participate in an activity.

As of recently, there has been a bug that forbids people from visiting friends' houses. With Party Packs now being removed, visiting your friends' homes is now impossible.