Kinzville Park

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The Kinzville Park was introduced into Webkinz World on October 28, 2009. It was first mentioned in the Webkinz Leopard POTM video, I Gotta Lotta Soft Spots for You.

Things to do in the Kinzville Park

You can swing on the swings, use the stage and do a play, grill up some secret recipes, play on the seesaw, climb on the trees, and meet friends around the campfire!

There are also plenty of tables to play games like Link'D, Zingoz Switcherooz, and Skunk Sweeper. The Park is great for all ages to enjoy.

The Park can be described as very similar to the Webkinz Clubhouse in the way that it is primarily designed as a place for communication between members. The Park has areas for KinzChat and KinzChat Plus, the same as the Clubhouse. Although, you cannot dress your pet, or add friends, in the park.

You can also make plays, and dramas using the theatre, from Romeo and Juliet to Dracula, all plays are welcome! Something weird that pets do in the park is going behind the stage pieces. If that happens to you then just click somewhere and you should be able to walk out.If not go out of the park and come back.

You can climb trees in the Kinzville Park! All you have to do is click on the tree and your Webkinz will appear to have climbed to the top. Also, click to get on all of the fun playground toys. If you are alone on the seesaw, you just sit on the ground. With two, you go up and down. The more the merrier!

Keeping the Park Clean

On February 3, 2010, Ganz added a new feature to Webkinz World. For the first time, trash started showing up on the ground in the Kinzville Park, and Webkinz players were asked to pick up the trash and place it in trash recyclers. Correctly recycled items earn players points toward fantastic prizes.

There are six different types of trash that can be found in the park.

Banana Peel Empty Can Crumpled Kinzville Paper Apple Core Empty Webkinz Crackers Box Melted Ice Cream Cone

Once you spot a piece of trash, be fast! If the trash isn't picked up within about 30 seconds, it disappears again! And if there is more than 1 Webkinz in the area, only the first one to click on the trash will get it in their collection bag.

After you get your first piece of trash, a trash bag will appear on your screen in the lower right corner. Once you have 10 pieces in your bag, it is full and won't hold any more, so you need to go empty it into the recycle bin.

Be sure to put food on the compost side and paper/tin on the recycle side (if you put it in the wrong side, points will be subtracted from your "Green Ranking"). After completely emptying, the bag will disappear from the screen until you find another piece of trash.

On February 4, Ganz released the following "hint" for finding trash: The more people in a park, the more garbage that will be created. It appears that one piece of trash shows up for each pet in the park.

Earth Day in Kinzville Park

On Earth Day, there is more trash to pick up in the park than usual. Your pets can earn points towards Cleanup prizes much more quickly.


Trash appears every 5 min around the clock (:00, :05, :10, :15 etc)

History of the Timing

It didn't take long for theories on how to find the park trash to start emerging. One of the main theories was that the timing of the appearance of the trash was similar to that of the floating objects in click-to-win events.

On February 5 Ganz "tweeted" the following statement, "Hey everyone. We've heard you about Clean Up the Park. We're working on getting the garbage to appear more. Won't be until next week though."

On the first two days of the new feature, members tracking the trash found that it was "reappearing" in the park on a six minute schedule. On the third day the timing seemed to change to about every five minutes.[1]

Cleanup Prizes

There are a number of prizes that can be received for recycling trash in the park.

Once you've collected all of the prizes, you can start over and collect them again.

These items are nontradable, so the only way to obtain them is by recycling trash.

> Click HERE to view larger, high-quality pictures of the prizes.

Picture Name How to Get
Cleanup Kinz T-Shirt Recycle 100 items
Cleanup Kinz Hat Recycle 200 items
Cleanup Kinz Sunglasses Recycle 300 items
Keeping the Park Clean Poster Recycle 350 items
Elegant Alder Recycle 400 items
Spectacular Spruce Recycle 500 items
Pruned Poplar Recycle 600 items
Indoor Lawn Flooring Recycle 700 items
Kinzville Park Window Recycle 800 items
Kinzville Park Log Bench Recycle 900 items
Solar Powered Blender Recycle 1100 items
Solar Powered Sandwich Maker Recycle 1200 items
Solar Powered TV Recycled 1300 items

My Page

Recycling in the Park also earns players a Green Score widget for their My Page. Your Green Score shows exactly how many pieces of trash you have picked up, and your Rank.

Green Score Ranking Trash Items
Cleanup Kinz Lil Seed 0-49
Cleanup Kinz Lil Sprout 50-499
Cleanup Kinz Small Sapling 500-999
Cleanup Kinz Tall Twig 1000-4999
Cleanup Kinz Growing Green 5000-9999
Cleanup Kinz Gigantic Tree 10,000+

Your Green Score and Rank can also be accessed by clicking on your recycling bag, or one of the Recycling Signs while in the Park.

Mr. Moo's Ice Cream

If you spot Mr. Moo in the Park, you can buy ice cream from him. Mr. Moo has three different flavors of ice cream for sale at a time at a cost of 10KC each.

Getting Ice Cream from Mr. Moo

To locate Mr. Moo, his cart has been discovered at the position in the Kinzville Park marked below by the red "X":

Mr. Moo is not always in the park, because he appears at different times everyday.- if he is not in a Park his cart will be present at the normal location (see screenshot below), but he will not be there and you will not be able to buy ice cream.

Once you have found Mr. Moo, click on him to walk up to his cart. Walking up to the back of the cart is the most effective. When you have clicked on Mr. Moo, you will be prompted with a message that reads the following:

The next screen will show the different ice cream flavors to collect. The six flavors that Mr. Moo offers at his stand are:

Candy Cream Chili Chocolate[1] Melty Mango
Perfect Pear Sour Shrimp Spicy Squash
  1. Mr. Moo calls this flavor "chilly."

Mr. Moo only offers three different flavors at a time. The flavors in Mr. Moo's cart change.

Click on an ice cream flavor to select it, and click "Buy" to purchase it for the cost of 10 KinzCash. After purchasing ice cream, you will be prompted with:

And your ice cream will be added to your dock.

The ice cream, when fed to a pet, has a variety of boost benefits depending on the flavor. The ice cream type with the highest boosts is Perfect Pear.

Players can only purchase ice cream once per hour.

On November 19, 2014, Todays Announcements notified players that Mr. Moo and Daisy Doe teamed up to create 3 new ice cream flavors.

Mr. Moo's ice cream can also be used in a few recipes to create placeable milkshakes. >> Click here for recipes!

Kinzville Park Events

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