Kinzville Times

The most up-to-date image and information guide on Webkinz Classic items, events, and more!

The Kinzville Times Newspaper allows members to access a variety of information found in its ten sections. It was originally named the "Webkinz Gazette," then the "Webkinz Newz", and now the "Kinzville Times".


All sections of the Kinzville Times are in the order in which they appear in the Newspaper.

Front Page

This is where the latest "big news" is posted. It might be a new feature, new Webkinz, or anything else noteworthy. An archive of this page can be found at the Webkinz World Newspaper Collection.

What's New

This section is where cool news is posted! It is not big enough to be on the front page, but it is still listed. It might be a retiring item, a new item, a new pet, or anything!

Webkinz Pets and Stuff

The Webkinz Pets and Stuff section is a lot like the catalog on the login page. It has a list of all released Webkinz pets, all the Retired pets, all the items that come with codes, and so forth.

Plumpy's Place

Plumpy's Place is the "Advice Corner" of Webkinz World. Plumpy answers questions from curious members who send her a question. Note: not all questions will be answered. To send a question to Plumpy, follow these steps:

1. Go to the Contact Us section of the Kinzville Times. 2. Choose the very last category of questions: "Plumpy's Advice" 3. Click on "Click here to send Plumpy a question!" 4. Type your question and click "send".

Account Benefits

This section gives information on Deluxe Memberships, as well as a list of all the benefits of Deluxe Members. It also includes information on normal accounts, as well as a list of the benefits of multiple pets.

The W Tales

In this section, you can read a Webkinz serial story. Each week, a new chapter comes out. When a story is over, a new one begins. The stories are typically about hosts in Webkinz World, but sometimes include new characters that have never been seen before!

Scores & Achievements

This is where you can see your high scores in Arcade games, along with information on your average score and how many times you have played each game. It used to include Tournament Arena champions, and hopefully will again soon.

Fun Stuff

The Fun Stuff section includes arts & crafts sent in by Webkinz World members, but it sometimes has instructions on drawing Webkinz pets. It changes every week, so keep checking back every week!

Communal Contests

The Communal Contest was a contest where all participants needed to work together to reach a common goal and get a prize. The prizes were usually KinzCash or W-Shop items. Participants of the contests worked together by playing a certain arcade game to get an amount of KinzCash or points. Once the amount needed in order reach a prize was reached, all participants recieved the prize. The Communal Contest section was retired in April 2011.

Contact Us

In the Contact Us section, you can select a question from an already written list of questions about Webkinz World that are commonly asked. An automated message will be mailed to your room within a day. You can also send letters to Plumpy (see "Plumpy's Place") requesting advice on your problem.. In the second tab, Comments and Suggestions, you can make comments and suggestions about Webkinz World! You do not get a response but Ganz says they read and consider all of the entries. You can also take the survey, which gives you a happiness bonus and $50 KinzCash. The survey changes every Monday and Friday.