Lily Padz

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Lily Padz is one of the original Webkinz World Arcade games; it has been a part of the website since Webkinz World was first created.


Get the frog to his treehouse at the end of each level. You leap from lily pad to lily pad while using the arrow keys and spacebar. Hitting lotus flowers and standing on lily pads too long will cause your frog to fall into the water, losing a life. Eating dragonflies and flies will keep your frog's energy up. The more you hop, the more your energy depletes, and eating bees will deplete it faster. If the energy bar is empty, you lose a life as well.

There is a total of five levels of the game to complete. You earn 1 Kinzcash for every 50 points you earn.


Use the arrow keys and spacebar to control the frog. The right arrow key makes you move one spot forward. Press the spacebar to jump farther, holding it in until the power bar reaches the desired strength. While holding the spacebar, use the arrow keys to change direction, and release the bar to jump.

Press the up arrow key to jump up and grab flying bugs.


The trophy was only obtainable during a limited during for a Trophy Challenge.


To get maximum KinzCash, if there is a collection of three lily pads or rocks, try using the space bar to jump to the next space. This gives you a 25 point bonus.