Lip Glosses

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Lip Glosses were released by Ganz in September 2007 alongside Body Spritz. Lip Glosses were available in six different flavors - strawberry, mango, banana, apple, orange and blueberry. Each lip gloss comes with a feature code that unlocks a piece of the Glam Boutique Theme.

Official Description

Webkinz Lip Glosses are not just ordinary lip glosses! They come with a feature code, and that feature code lets you pick your own item to keep for the Salon Collection, not found anywhere else! It comes in strawberry, mango, banana and apple. There's one for every occasion! It is stylish and super! Not found anywhere else!

AppleLipGloss.png BananaLipGloss.png BlueberryLipGloss.png MangoLipGloss.png OrangeLipGloss.png StrawberryLipGloss.png