Lunch Letters

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Lunch Letters is an Arcade game that came out in 2006.


To get all the "food items" off the screen. If too many fall to the ground, and Billy can't keep up with cleaning, you will lose the game.

This game requires you to have a fast typing ability. If you don't have speedy fingers or are unsure of your ability, start off with Easy and go from there.


Use your keyboard to type the words or letters on the falling articles of food.


There is no trophy available for this game.

However, there is a winnable certificate that is printable on your computer - it doesn't give you anything virtual.



  • Type all the longest words first. Typing the shortest goes by quickly, but after you type a multitude of them, the long ones are still falling. With typing all the longest words or groups of letters first, you won't be struggling in the end.
  • Try not to look at the keyboard when you type. Memorize the positions of the keys so that you can type faster.