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Good Fairy and friend of Inukshuk who gave him his hat.


Maddie has pink hair that appears to be in the shape of an upside-down tulip . She has pink eyes and pink eye shadow. She wears a pink dress, shoes, and has a simple pink wand.

Interactions with Other Characters

Alyssa: She is good friend and subject of Alyssa.

Nafaria: She is an enemy of Nafaria and the other bad fairys. In Tulip Trouble 2 she is seen trying to undo Nafaria's magic and bring life back to the Magical Forest.

Inukshuk: Maddie was Inukshuk's Secret SantaKinz one Christmas. He was upset and disappointed with her handmade gift, causing Maddie to cry and leave the SantaKinz party. They became close friends after he realized how special the gift was and apologized.

Fluffington: She attends a Christmas party at Fluffington's Mansion.


Maddie can be found in the following books: