Manic Magic Theme

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Theme Preview

Theme Items

Collapsible Card Castle

Half a Webkinz Illusion

Herculean Butterfly Illusion

Incredible Levitating Pet Illusion

Is This Your Card? Crystal Ball

Manic Magic Prop Trunk

Manic Magic Top Hat

Manic Magic Show Flooring

Manic Magic Show Wallpaper

Mind Over Matter Illusion

The Astounding Transported Pet

The Deceptive Disappearing Zangoz

Tricky Bouquet

Promo Items

Beautiful Assistant Dress

Beautiful Assistant Hat

Beautiful Assistant Heels

Manic Magic Escape Tank

Manic Magician Costume

Manic Magician Hat

Manic Magician Shoes

Miscellaneous Items

Manic Magic Audience Chair

Item List and Information

Name Cost
Manic Magic Audience Chair 125 KC
Name Regular Cost Deluxe Cost
Collapsible Card Castle Regular: Deluxe:
Half a Webkinz Illusion Regular: 7,000 Deluxe: 6,000
Herculean Butterfly Illusion Regular: 7,000 Deluxe: 6,000
Incredible Levitating Pet Illusion Regular: 4,500 Deluxe: 3,500
Is This Your Card? Crystal Ball Regular: 4,000 Deluxe: 3,000
Manic Magic Prop Trunk Regular: 5,000 Deluxe: 4,000
Manic Magic Top Hat Regular: 3,000 Deluxe: 2,000
Manic Magic Show Flooring Regular: 1,000 Deluxe: 1,000
Manic Magic Show Wallpaper Regular: 2,000 Deluxe: 1,500
Mind Over Matter Illusion Regular: 1,000 Deluxe: 1,000
The Astounding Transported Pet Regular: Deluxe:
The Deceptive Disappearing Zangoz Regular: 3,000 Deluxe: 2,000
Tricky Bouquet Regular: 2,000 Deluxe: 2,000