Modern Boutique Theme

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Theme Preview

Theme Items

Amanda Panda Poster

Black Salon Reception Chair

Modern Boutique Flooring

Modern Boutique Floor Lamp

Modern Boutique Hair Care Display

Modern Boutique Sign

Modern Boutique Wallpaper

Modern Salon Coffee Table

Modern Salon Dryer Chair

Modern Salon Reception Desk

Modern Salon Side Table

Modern Salon Sink

Modern Salon Styling Cabinet

Modern Salon Styling Station

Modern Salon Stylist Chair

Red Salon Reception Chair

Styles of Ms Birdy Poster

Item List and Information

Name Cost
Amanda Panda Poster 200 KC
Black Salon Reception Chair 250 KC
Modern Boutique Flooring 350 KC
Modern Boutique Floor Lamp 150 KC
Modern Boutique Hair Care Display 300 KC
Modern Boutique Sign 200 KC
Modern Boutique Wallpaper 350 KC
Modern Salon Coffee Table 480 KC
Modern Salon Dryer Chair 300 KC
Modern Salon Reception Desk 580 KC
Modern Salon Side Table 210 KC
Modern Salon Sink 300 KC
Modern Salon Styling Cabinet 300 KC
Modern Salon Styling Station 280 KC
Modern Salon Stylist Chair 180 KC
Red Salon Reception Chair 300 KC
Styles of Ms Birdy Poster 200 KC