Mr. Moo

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Mr. Moo is a Cow who works as an ice cream vendor at the Kinzville Park. He as well is the same cow who stars in the games Cash Cow and Cash Cow 2.



This description was for "Horace", or the Cash Cow character. Though because he and Mr. Moo are the same character, this description applies.

"Horace is the cow in Cash Cow and Cash Cow 2. There's only one thing he loves – collecting milk!"


Mr. Moo was first introduced to the website when his name appeared on the "Mr. Moo Chocolate Bar" in 2005, a prize given out by clicking on Webkinz World advertisements. He is also thought to have been shown again in the game Cash Cow 2 as the main character and character on the cover screen. Although his name is not mentioned in the game, his image in the Arcade game is almost identical to the one shown in the Kinzville Park.

He also appears in the Pet of the Month video The Coolest Thing is Everything.


Daisy Doe


Previously, there was a small rivalry between Mr. Moo and Daisy Doe. When Daisy had first moved into Kinzville, one of the things she did was open a snack cart in Kinzville Park to sell Sweet Soy Smoothies to counter Mr. Moo's ice cream sales.[1][2] Mr. Moo was insulted by a Webkinz Newz article written by her claiming that he "profit by providing unhealthy snacks to the citizens of Kinzville".[3]


During Daisy's run for mayor, she even planned to replace Mr. Moo's cart with her own.[4] However, Daisy later found Mr. Moo's ice cream to be healthier than she thought when visiting his farm, and changed her opinion of his treats. The two became friends soon after and worked together for a short time while Daisy was finding a place to open her restaurant.[5] They created three new ice cream flavors that are currently available at Daisy's Diner: Fuzzy Frozen Peach Yogurt, Honeycomb Sorbet, and AvocaDoe Ice Cream.[6]

Mango Gecko


While the Mango Gecko was trying out jobs around Kinzville, they had at one point sold smoothies with Mr. Moo.[7]

Kinzville Park

Currently, Mr. Moo is a major character in the Kinzville Park, where he sets up an ice cream stand so players can buy ice cream cones. Players can pay Mr. Moo 10 Kinzcash to get an ice cream cone for their pet. He appears at the Kinzville Park a couple times a day selling his ice cream. Each time he comes, Mr. Moo stays for an hour. There are 6 ice cream flavors to collect: Spicy Squash, Chili Chocolate, Melty Mango, Sour Shrimp, Perfect Pear, and Candy Cream. One ice cream cone can be bought each time he visits.

If the player approaches Mr. Moo after already buying an ice cream, he will say either "Sorry, I just sold my last one" or "Sorry...I'm all out. You Webkinz sure like your ice cream."

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