Ms. Birdy

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Ms. Emily Birdy runs the Adoption Agency. When you adopt a pet, Ms. Birdy helps players through the process, assisting them with gathering information and granting them a Certificate of Adoption. She has hosted the Christmas Countdown Clubhouse Event since 2009. In the Christmas Countdown she passes out 12 different gifts in the 12 days leading up to Christmas. She is able to be added to the friends list on the cellphone.



Ms. Emily Birdy is described as: "One kind penguin –she’s in charge of making sure every single Webkinz is adopted into a good home. Ms. Birdy never rests! She has been romantically linked with Dr. Quack…although she won't admit or deny it. Her hobbies include knitting, sewing and reading books about the history of Webkinz World." Ms. Birdy is actually one of the few Webkinz Characters with a Facebook Account.


Ms. Birdy is a character in the following books:

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"Ms. Birdy was the very first character in Webkinz World and has proven to be very endearing. Ms. Birdy's office started out rendered in 3D, but it was too dark and cold for our liking, so we redrew the office and made it bright and lively with Ms. Birdy sitting nice and close to you. Many Webkinz members believe that Ms. Birdy is romantically linked to Dr. Quack. Well, if she is, we're not telling."