Pink Furniture Collection

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Christmas & Hanukkah

Holiday Warmth Candle Lamp

Santakinz' Workshop Wall Lantern

Exclusive Items

Red Plasma Ball

Jewelery Box Bed

Neon Plant

Yang Yin Blossom

Bed of Roses

Fantasy Coach Bed

Stardust Dreams Bed

Sugary Sweet Dreams Bed

Pageant Princess Bed

Princess and the Pea Bed

Feature Code Items

Glam Boutique Floor Lamp

Glam Boutique Sign

Persephone Light Box Poster

Pink Salon Reception Chair

Salon Coffee Table

Salon Dryer Chair

Salon Reception Desk

Salon Side Table

Salon Styling Station

Salon Stylist Chair

Styles of Plumpy Lightbox

Salon Sink

Salon Styling Cabinet

Spectacular Pink Wardrobe


Pink Cozy Chair

Gem Hunt

Glowing Gem Lamp

Holiday Gifts

Valentine's Bouquet

Heart's Desire Roses

Chocolate Egg Area Rug

Chocolate Egg Area Rug

Spring Flower Chair (2013)

Kinzville Academy

Compact Vanity

Expressionist Painting

Manicure Chair

Magical Forest

Grand Charmling Tree

Magical Forest Crystal

Pixie pod balloons

Mazin' Hamsters

Dead End Dangers Trophy

Leap of Faith Flags Trophy

Pet Specific Items

Amethyst Bed

Poofy Poodle Chair

Gumball Pit

Giant Gumball Wardrobe

Water Sign Waterfall

Cherry Blossom Bird Loveseat

Freaky Forest Tree Perch

Playful Dust Pit

Suddenly Spring Trampoline

Pink Bubble Machine

Cream Soda Sprinkler

Pup Star Vanity

Relaxing Longtub

Glitz n' Glamour Disco Ball

Bow Wow Bone Tree

Queen of the Jungle Throne

Love Pond

Lovely Stained Glass Window

Heart Air Balloon

Lovely Monkey Armchair

Tender Hearts Loveseat

Marshmallow Seeds (plant grows pink)

Plasma Peace Sign (one of the colors it turns is pink)

Pearl Place Setting

Fortune Telling Pig Statue

Spiral Pink Roses

Pink and White Scratching Post Chair

Birdbath Spa

Glamorous Glitter Vanity

Googles Gem Zen Garden

Beautiful Blush Treadmill

Pink Convertible

Pom Pom Pattern Rug

Rabbit Eared Television

Radiant Rosebush

Once Upon a Time Dresser

Springtime Basket Chair

Handbag Bed

Mysterious Marsh

Spotted Prehistoric Plant

Strawberry Jammin' Jukebox

Tree Frog Trampoline

Treasure Throne

Shaggy Yorkie Couch


Ascended Princess Throne

Baroness Bookshelf

Bellacourt Blooming Flower

Contessa Candle Lamp

Contessa Candle Wall Sconce

Enchanted Dreams Bed

Entitled Tapestry

Exalted Armoire

Her Serene Highness Sofa

Magic Maiden Mirror

Royal Reign Rug

Sovereign Stained Glass Window

Spoiled Royal Side Table

Viscountess Vanity Chair

Viscountess Vanity Table

Sultan's Settee

Takht Throne

Violet Persian Rug

Trading Cards

Pool TCG Poster

Go-go Googles Poster

Let Me Help You Poster

Love Puppy Poster

Perfectly Purple Arm Chair

Ms. Birdy Home Sweet Home Cross Stitch

Quizzy Dining Chair

Trading Card Condo Bed

Trading Card Condo Dresser

Trading Card Condo Pedestal

Trading Card Condo Side Table

Trading Card Condo Toy Box

Trading Card Condo Wallpaper

Whimsy Dragon Poster

Persephone Plush Doll

Sweetheart Tart Poster

Vacation Island

Conch Shell

Virtual Figures & Items

Pretty Pink Poodle Figure

Summer Vacation Dalmatian Figure

Beach Beauty Chair

Cupcake Chair

Pink Hearts Clock

Pink Hydrangeas

Toothpaste Trophy Pedestal

Ballerina Husky Dog Figure

Cowgirl Clydesdale Figure

Karate Cat Figure

Pink Picnic Charcoal Cat Figure

Reindeer Runner Figure

Super Shopper Yellow Lab Figure

Ballerina Mirror

Digital Stopwatch Clock

High Heel Chair

Picnic Time Basket

Royal Whimsy Dragon Figure

Ski in Style Himalayan Cat Figure

Tropical Drum Side Table

Webkinz Foundation

Webkinz Cares Garden Statue

Webkinz Newz

Alexandrite Lamp

Cat's Pajama Party Pillow

Elwing Framed Poster

Fabulous Fashion Panel 1

Gemini Symbol Wall Decoration

Go Go Go Go Googles Wall Print

Hailey Framed Poster

Love Topiary

Molly Kinz Plushy

Mother's Day Buttercup Plant

Pink Blossom Trellis

Pink Crystal Paperweight

PJ Collie Framed Poster

Rose Zircon Birthstone Gem Lamp

Sounds of Spring Stereo

Sweetheart Bed

Vase of Pink Petunias

Wheels & Games

Jumbleberry Birthday Cake


Bratty Zum Lounger

Zumwhere Lamp Post