Place Setting Collection

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Item Availability Tradeable

Acorn Placemat Setting
Webkinz Newz Yes

Big Bowl of Soup
Daily KinzCare Yes

Cafeteria Tray
2016 Bake Sale Yes

Chef Gazpacho's Place Setting
Trading Card Series 3 code; also available from floating W in Webkinz World Yes

Cookies for SantaKinz
Seasonal WShop Yes

Country Kitchen Place Setting
Jumbleberry Fields Sugarberry Jar Yes

Diner Place Setting
2017 Bake Sale Yes

Fall Festival Place Setting
2008 Fall Fest Yes

Festive Feast Place Setting
2012 Ms. Birdy's Christmas Countdown Yes

Festive Place Setting
2011 Ms. Birdy's Christmas Countdown Yes

Fine Dining Place Setting
eStore No

Floral Tea Set
2019 Flower Collection Yes

Holiday Place Setting
2010 Ms. Birdy's Christmas Countdown Yes

Kinzville Academy Cafeteria Tray
eStore No

Party Place Setting
Party Loot Bag Yes

Pearl Place Setting
PSI Pearl Pup Yes

Pink Floral Tea Set
Community Code Yes

Plate of Cookies
Ms. Birdy's Christmas Countdown 2016 Yes

Spring Celebration Place Setting
Spring Celebration 2014 Milk Chocolate Egg Yes

Spring Place Setting
Spring Celebration 2022 White Chocolate Egg Yes

Steak Frites
Daily KinzCare Yes

Summer Sensation Place Setting
2008 Summer Sensation Holiday Gift Yes

Sushi Bar Place Setting
eStore No

Thanksgiving Place Setting
2018 Thanksgiving Basket Yes

Top Record Place Setting
Curio Shop Yes

TV Dinner
Daily KinzCare Yes

Webkinz Cares Place Setting
Webkinz Cares code; Wheel of WOW; Ms. Birdy Host Gift Yes

Witch's Banquet Place Setting
2008 Seasonal WShop Yes

Zumwhere Place Setting
Zumwhere Zum Catalog Yes
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