Rainbow Furniture Collection

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Annual Click to Win

Jelly Bean Wreath
2013 Spring Celebration

Pretty Bow Centerpiece
2014 Spring Celebration

Rainbow Road Tile
2019 Spring Celebration

Rainbow Curvy Road Tile
2019 Spring Celebration

Rainbow Reverse Road Tile
2019 Spring Celebration

Rainbow Reverse Road Tile
2019 Spring Celebration

Sweet 16 Bookshelf
2017 Kinzville Bake Sale

Christmas & Hanukkah

Bright Light Modern Tree

Town Square Tree

Clubhouse Event

Catch the Leprechaun Pot of Gold
2010 Leprechaun Chase

Golden Pot of Coins Fridge
2012 Leprechaun Chase

Leprechaun Statue
2014 Leprechaun Chase

Daily KinzCare

Rainbow Welcome Mat


June 2020 Deluxe Monthly Challenge Prize

Flying Pet Circus Cannon
2012 Subscription Prize

Magic W Hot Air Balloon
2015 Subscription Prize

Sno-Cone Maker
February 2021 Deluxe Day Prize

Webkinz Stained Glass Window
April 2019

Superstar Carpet



Aquarium Stone Tile

Artist's Bunk

Artist’s Couch

Blossoming Hanging Plant

Cake Trampoline

CandyKinz Clock Tower

CandyKinz Lollipop Chair

CandyKinz Path Corner

CandyKinz Path Tile

Celebration Flooring

Celebration Tent

Celebration Tile

Celestial Flower Cup Car

Chickee Fence

Colorful Puzzle Flooring

Comfy Corner Bath

Fairy Den Lamp

Fairy Den Wardrobe

Fiesta Floor Lamp

Fiesta Rug

Fiesta Wardrobe

Flower Lollipop Tree

Golden Elm Tree

Gumball Tree

Happy Birthday Bouquet

Happy Birthday Pinata

High Tech Covert Bookcase

Holiday Balcony Tower

Hover Swing

Jolly Jubilee Fireplace

Jolly Jubilee Sleigh

Kinz Coaster

Magic Rainbow Candy Tree

Magic Rainbow Plant

Magic W Coaster

Magic W Dresser

Magic W Rug

Magical Toy Emporium Clock

Ms. Cowoline's Bookcase

Mystical Tree Swing

Out of Control Candy Fall

Party Hat Cookie Tree

Party Palm Tree

Paper Flying Airplane

Petal Print Beanbag Chair

Petal Print Rug

Pinballs and Pillows Bed

Pop Diva Condo Wallpaper

Pot of Gold Slide

Print Panels of Paws

Radiant Rainbow Couch

Radiant Rainbow Limo

Radiant Rainbow Wardrobe

Rainbow Arch Fence

Rainbow Beach Chairs

Rainbow Candy Apple Tree

Rainbow Canopy Bed

Rainbow Cookie Bark Tree

Rainbow Cotton Candy Tree

Rainbow Lollipop Tree

Rainbow Paint Can

Rainbow Paw Prints

Rainbow Ribbon Candy Tree

Rainbow Shuttered Window

Rainbow Teapot Fountain

Rainbow Toadstool Chair

Rejuvenating Rainbow Pool

Relaxing Rainbow Hot Tub

Rustic Window

Rock Candy Tree

Secret Treehouse Beanbag Chair

Shooting Star Slide

Spree Mall

Spring Egg Bed

Spring Garden Fence

Star Dust Sandbox

Stardust Dreams Rug

Sweet Flower Pot

Ultimate Bowling Bed

Unbirthday Cake Dispenser

Wacky Rainbow Donut Dispenser

Wafer Cookie Tree

Webkinz Day 8 Bathtub

Webkinz Friends Stained Glass Window

Wheel of WOW

Wild Waterslide

Wishing Well 2

Wondrous Waterslide

WOW Soda Slide

Zebra Print Silkscreen

Radiant Rainbow Shower

eStore Promo

Artists Bunk Lamp

Bright Bazaar Basket Divider

Carriage Bed

Carried Away Bed

Celebration Balloon Column

Celebration Bunch of Balloons

Celebration Side Table

Celebration Sofa

Celebration Wacky Dispenser

Celebration Window

Comfy Corner Bed

Comfy Corner Bed

Comfy Corner Side Table

Delightful Flower Pot Divider

Fairy Den Fireplace

Fairy Den Garden

Fairy Den Gazebo

Good Vibes Day Bed

Good Vibes Wallpaper

Large Spring Egg Wardrobe

Marshmallow Bunny Dispenser

Over the Rainbow Ride

Pine Cone Cottage

Rainbow Cupcake Cottage

Rainbow Flower Display

Rainbow Fountain

Rainbow Fountain of WOW

Rainbow Gummy Dispenser

Rainbow Waterfall

Spring Candy Cottage

Spring Flower Bed

Stardust Dreams Wallpaper

Tropical Holidays Palm Tree

Twinkling Rainbow Couch

Twinkling Rainbow Flooring

Twinkling Rainbow Soda Fountain

Twinkling Rainbow Wallpaper

Unicorn Boat

Up and Away Float

Watering Can Divider

Watering Can Divider

Whimsical Cake Dispenser

Whimsical Candy Castle

eStore Mystery & Stockings

Beachball Party Chair
2022 Summer Mystery Prize

Beachball Party Hammock
2022 Summer Mystery Prize

Color Changing Sparkle Plant
2013 Summer Mystery Prize

Gemstone Chair
2013 Fall Mystery Prize

Painted Egg Choir
2015 Spring Mystery Prize

Painted Egg Window
2015 Spring Mystery Prize

Polar Unicorn Glass Window
2019 Stocking Prize

Pool Noodle Divider
2022 Summer Mystery Prize

Pool Noodle Throne
2022 Summer Mystery Prize

Rainbow Wading Pool
2021 Summer Mystery Prize

Soda Bottle Rainbow Fountain
2015 Stocking Prize

Spring Blossoming Tree
2016 Spring Mystery Prize

Exclusive Items

Artist's Pallet

Over the Rainbow Bed

Balloon Blower

Crystalline Pond

Prismatic Chair

Rainbow Coffee Table

Rainbow Jelly Cactus

Stardust Dreams Bed

Webkinz Wishing Well

Kinzville Academy

Artist's Bookshelf

Art Spinner

Book Cart

Hopscotch Floor Tile

Palette Chair

Pet Specific Items

Ball Pit Slide

Candy Car

Celebration Canopy Bed

Cotton Candy Closet

Golden Chariot Bed

Happy Ten Years Bed

I Love Webkinz Sign

Lap Pool

Pretty Party Snack Table

Prize Klaw Machine

Rainbow Cloud Couch

Rainbow Tower Slide

Really Rainbow Couch

Sunshine Stained Glass Window

Swing in the Sky

Twinkling Harp

Twinkling Rainbow Wardrobe

Floating Cloud Haven



Virtual Figures & Items

Totally Bogus Bean Bag Chair


Webkinz Newz

Rainbow Beach Lounger

Rainbow Picket Fence