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Recess is a free activity that is earned after taking 15 full days of classes at the Kinzville Academy.

Earning Recesses

A notepad in the lower left corner of the Kinzville Academy shows how many days remain.

When Recess is available, a red Recess bell will appear instead. To go to Recess, click on the bell. Users can also pay 500 eStore Points to access Recess before they have completed 15 days of classes.

  • In order for a day to count, one pet must take all three classes in the same day.
  • All Kinzville Academy classes, including Griddle Class and Hairdresser Class, do count towards Recess.
  • Failed or forfeited classes do count towards Recess.
  • The Deluxe extra class does not count towards Recess.
  • The 15 days may be non-consecutive.
  • Multiple pets completing multiple full days of Recess does not count towards Recess.
  • Recesses cannot be saved up.
  • The countdown for your next 15 days of classes seems to start as soon as you've earned your new Recess, not when you take your Recess. So, if you've earned a Recess, and don't take it right away, it should not interfere with the count towards your next full 15 days of classes. If, however, you don't take your current Recess before your next Recess shows up, you will lose one of those Recesses.


Buried Treasure

To access, click on the sandbox. The sandbox is filled with spots to dig. Users receive three digs per recess. Each spot could contain nothing or a Recess-only prize.


To access, click on the hopscotch game. Users roll a die to determine the number of the space on the hopscotch board where a rock lands. Each time the rock lands on a space, the user receives KinzCash. If the die rolls a rock or a duplicate number, the prize money is lost and the game ends. The users can continue to roll the dice until either they decide to keep the KinzCash they have won or they lose the game.

nth Unique Stone KinzCash
1 10
2 20
3 50
4 100
5 200
6 400
7 800
8 1500
9 3000

Hide & Seek

To access, click on the swing set. Wacky Zingoz could be hiding at any of various locations around the playground and Academy; users can attempt to find him by clicking on one of the locations. After clicking, a temperature appears to indicate how close their try was to Wacky's actual location. If the user does not find Wacky within five tries, they receive no reward. If the user finds Wacky, 250 KinzCash is awarded.

Merry Go Round

To access, click on the merry-go-round. The merry-go-round is a wheel with prizes.

Lunch Bag

Ms. Cowoline will award the user a Recess Lunch Bag after they return from recess. It cannot be traded or sent via Kinzpost, and cannot be stored anywhere. The bag can be dragged into the user's room to open and reveal 3 random Lunch Foods.


To see the current and former Recess prizes, see (Picture Guide) Kinzville Academy.

The I Love Recess Badge will be awarded when the user's first Recess is complete.


  • On the first day a Recess was awarded, a glitch allowed the Recess Lunch Bag to be sold to the WShop.
  • The Recess counter was added on October 19, 2010; prior to this update, users had to manually track their recesses.
  • Buried Treasure and the Merry-Go-Round used to contain WShop and Kinzstyle Outlet items, but have since been replaced with Recess-exclusive prizes.