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My House is the home for all your Webkinz Pets and Mazin' Hamsters. Users were able to view and rate rooms in My Page.


Rooms can be used for a lot of different activities in Webkinz World. Many items sold in the WShop are interactive, so players can use them to play games or interact with their pet. Some games such as Air Hockey or Link'd cannot be found in the Arcade, and must either be bought in the WShop or played in the Tournament Arena. Appliances such as Stoves and Blenders can also be placed in a room and used to cook recipes.

Players are able to customize and decorate their Rooms using nearly any item. While furniture and decorations can be bought and rewarded at many places and events, the W-Shop has numerous themes and decorations always available to buy. However, some items can only be placed in Outdoor rooms (and will clarify).

Furniture such as wardrobes, boxes, and dressers can be used to store clothing and sometimes books and other small items. Refrigerators can be used to store food items only.

Previously, Party Packs could be purchased so that users could invite friends over to their House. They have since been removed from the WShop, but if a player still has one in their Dock it could be used to have a party. Currently, the only way to invite friends to your House is to send them a request through the cell phone.

Purchasing a Room

Each user receives a free room upon adopting their first Webkinz pet, and continue to do so until their tenth pet. To purchase a room, click on the house icon in the Dock. Once in My House, click on the house map icon in the upper left corner. There should be a picture of a room with a plus sign on it in the upper right corner - clicking on this icon should display the prompt to purchase a room. New Rooms can only be purchased by Full or Deluxe members.

Room Types

There are several different room types: Outdoor, Treetop, Underwater, and Inside. Inside rooms are the standard room and come in three different sizes:

  • Small rooms (5x5 tiles)
  • Medium rooms (7x7 tiles)
  • Large rooms (10x10 tiles).

Outdoor, Treetop, and Underwater are all large rooms (10x10 tiles).

Outdoor rooms can hold Farm Fresh seeds and other plants, and also have different backgrounds depending on the time of day. Underwater and Treetop rooms can only be purchased after the adoption of an aquatic or flying pet respectively.

Room Prices:

  • Small Room: 500 KinzCash
  • Medium Room: 750 KinzCash
  • Large Room: 1,000 KinzCash
  • Outdoor: 1,000 KinzCash
  • Treetop: 1,000 KinzCash
  • Underwater: 1,000 KinzCash

Outdoor Room

Outdoor rooms depict a grassy garden area set outside. This type of room can be decorated with indoor and outdoor-only items, and be used to grow your own Garden. 

The background shows a view of a large valley, surrounded by trees and is against a mountain backdrop; during different seasons, the background and tiles of the room will change accordingly. For example, during fall, some of the trees' leaves in the background will turn red and orange, and the grass tiles will have orange leaves on them. The sky as well corresponds with day and night.


A Garden is a plot of dirt used to grow seeds. Prior to an update in 2015, players would have to manage their garden and take care of their plants. After this update, no interaction with plants was required. Plants will grow automatically and can be harvested as soon as they are fully grown.

Growing Seeds

There were five actions that players could use to interact with their seeds: Inspect, Water, Rake, Dig and Harvest.

Inspect Using the Inspect action, the player's cursor would become a measuring tape. Hovering over a plant would tell a player what needed to be done to it, such as if it needed water or to be raked for weeds.

Water Using the Water action, the player's cursor would become a watering can. Clicking on a plant would water it and ensure that it was healthy.

Rake Using the Rake action, the player's cursor would become a rake. Using the rake function removes weeds from a plant and keeps it healthy. Plants with weeds will not grow, and if a plant is not raked within four days it will die.

Dig Using the Dig action, the player's cursor would become a shovel. This function can be used to dig up plants so that they can be re-planted, or to remove a plant if it had died.

Harvest Using the Harvest action, the player's cursor would become a basket. Clicking on a fully-grown plant would harvest it, occasionally gaining multiple food items.

Treetop Room

Treetop rooms are unlocked once the player adopts a flying pet (players who adopt a flying pet as one of their first ten pets are given a treetop room for free). Most outdoor furniture can be placed inside it.

The room is set upon a tall, flattened treetop of a great height among a vast forest. Clouds are in place of doors and there are no walls. The sky, like the outdoor room, changes in accordance to the time of day. The room tiles also change with the seasons.


Underwater Room

Introduced in July 2008, underwater rooms can be unlocked once an underwater pet has been adopted. These rooms, unlike every other room, allows underwater pets to wander around it without its bubble (though if the player wishes to, the pet can still live in regular rooms).

Items and room themes made specifically for this room type may be placed. Examples include the Aquatic Expedition Theme, Corel Reef Theme, and Royal Undersea Theme which are available to buy from in the WShop. The Ganz eStore has underwater-only items as well, such as the Sunken Ocean Liner Wallpaper.

The room is set to look like the sandy floor of the ocean. The floor has rays of sunlight upon it and the whole room has a wavy overlay to give the effect of being underwater. The doors are replaced with watertight metal doors like those seen on a ship. Walls are present, which allows wallpapers to still be placed.