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Scramble was added to the Webkinz World Arcade on January 18, 2012.


The object of Scramble is to make omelets as fast as possible in order to get them to the correct customers in time.


Click the customer to see their order.

Their order will appear above them.

Click the eggs in the lower carton to make them crack into the blender.

Click the various ingredients to place them in the blender.

Click the blender to blend the eggs with the ingredients.

Click the griddle to pour the raw omelet onto it.

Click the finished omelet and then click the customer who ordered it.

Click the upper egg cartons to refill the lower carton.


The Scrambled Trophy is awarded upon completion of Level 10.


Pay close attention to when customers arrive, and try to serve them in that order. The customers get angrier the longer they wait. Only keep two orders open at a time- the one you are making and the one that is cooking. That way you don't confuse orders as often. Open the other customers' orders as you get to them.


With the introduction of this arcade game in January 2012, the Ganz Parent Club site held a Click-to-Win event. For this Click-to-Win activity players could Click on the following advertisement, and win one of the following prizes: the Scrambled T-Shirt, the Scrambled Egg Chair or an estore items: a Sandwich Tray or a Grilled Cheese Sandwich.