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Item Availability Tradeable

Acorn Stash Slide
eStore Promo Yes

Autumn Tree Slide
PSI Harvest Sheep Yes

Autumn Wood Slide
2021 Planter Mystery Box Series 4 Yes

Aztec Temple Slide
eStore No

Ball Pit Slide
PSI Maltese Puppy Yes

Bamboo Chute Slide
PSI Signature Panda Yes

Barnyard Plum Tree Slide
eStore No

Bean Stalk Slide
eStore No

Big Pile of KinzCash Slide
eStore Promo Yes

Blue Hillside Slide
PSI Lil Blue Chipmunk Yes

Brontosaurus Slide
eStore No

Build-a-Haunted Castle Slide
eStore No

Build-a-Snow Fort Slide
eStore No

Burrowing Cliffside Slide
PSI Signature Black Footed Ferret Yes

Candy Cane Slide
PSI Holidoodle Yes

Caramel Soup Slide
eStore No

Carnival Fun Slide
eStore No

Carnival Spiral Slide
eStore No

Castle Tower Slide
eStore No

Charming Ruins Spiral Slide
eStore No

Chocolate Playground Slide
eStore No

City Street Slide Slide
Jessie TV Show Promotional Yes

Cruise Ship Water Slide
eStore No

Cute Jungle Gym Slide
2020 Summer Mystery Bag Yes

Cute Octopus Slide
2020 Growing Seeds Series 5 Mystery Box Yes

Daring Den Slide
PSI Signature Arctic Fox Yes

Dino Slide
eStore No

Dragon Hero Slide
PSI Sea Dragon Yes

Fabulous Staircase Slide
PSI Sequin Fox Yes

Fall Fair Slide
November 2016 Deluxe Challenge Yes

Fantasy Stable Hayloft Slide
eStore No

Floating Dock Slide
eStore No

Fly 90s Staircase Slide
Pet Specific Item
Beanbag Bear

Frozen Fun Slide
PSI Glacial Fox Yes

Frozen River Slide
Pet Specific Item
Winter Otter

Gem Carved Slide
eStore No

Getaway Slide
PSI Grey Vole Yes

Gingerbread Slide
eStore No

Glass Slipper Slide
eStore No

Golden Gorilla Slide
eStore Promo Yes

Golden Glide Water Slide
PSI Small Signature Golden Retriever Yes

Grand Christmas Tree Slide
Webkinz Next

Grand Staircase Slide
eStore No

Gum Fall Slide
eStore No

Holiday Spirit Slide
eStore Yes

Holiday Tree Slide
PSI Minty Pig Yes

Iceberg Slider
eStore No

Ice Cream Swirl Slide
eStore No

Icy Castle Slide
eStore No

Inflatable Slide
Webkinz Challenge Yes

Lakeside Floating Slide
eStore Summer Mystery Promo
2023 Summer Super Mystery Bag

Lollipop Slide
eStore No

Long Necked Slide
PSI Upbeat Chic Giraffe Yes

Love Dino Slide
eStore No

Mad Hatter Slide
eStore No

Magic Forest Slide
2019 Deluxe Subscription Yes

Melted Chocolate Slide
PSI Chocolate Duck Yes

Mermaid Princess Slide
eStore No

Millie's Slide
Webkinz Friends Prize Yes

Nautical Navy Slide
eStore Promo Yes

Northern Trails River Slide
PSI Northern Trails Otter Yes

Orange Hillside Slide
PSI Lil Orange Chipmunk Yes

Outback Slide
eStore No

Party Hat Slide
eStore Promo Yes

Peppermint Clock Slide
eStore No

Peppermint Swirl Slide
PSI Waffle Wallaby Yes

Pink Mermaid Waterslide
eStore No

Playful Slide
PSI Snow Leopard Cub Yes

Playground Long Slide
2016 Flower Collection Yes

Playground Slide
eStore No

Playground Tube Slide
eStore No

Poinsettia Slide
2022 White Poinsettia Stocking Yes

Pool Water Slide
eStore No

Pot of Gold Slide
eStore No

Prehistoric Slide
eStore Promo - Seeds & Planter Boxes
2023 Planter Mystery Box Series 2

Puppy Patrol Slide
eStore No

Purple Hillside Slide
PSI Lil Purple Chipmunk Yes

Quilted Christmas Slide
PSI Holiday Puppy Yes

Rainbow Slide
Zumwhere Yes

Rainbow Tower Slide
PSI Sparkling Mouse Yes

Raziel Slide
Raziel Mega Collection Yes

Rocky Waterfall Slide
Deluxe Day June 2022 Yes

Sand Dune Slide
PSI Quokka Yes

SantaKinz Fireplace Slide
2020 Christmas Countdown Yes

SantaKinz Slide
2021 Candy Cane Collection Yes

Sassy Seafaring Slide
eStore No

Saxophone Slide
eStore No

Secluded Garden Slide
eStore No

Shadowy Slide
PSI Vampire Kitten Yes

Shooting Star Slide
eStore No

Silo Slide
PSI Blue Ribbon Cow Yes

Slime Slide
Pet Specific Item
Fluffy Bog Muskrat

Slippery Slide
PSI Ice Penguin Yes

Slippery Water Slide
PSI African Black Rhino Yes

Sly Slide
PSI Small Signature Fox Yes

Snow Fort Slide
2017 Winterfest Yes

Snow Saucer Slide
eStore No

Spiral Water Slide
Family Score Yes

Spot of Tea Slide
PSI Signature English Spot Bunny Yes

Spring Celebration Slide
2015 Spring Celebration Yes

Spring Fling Fun Slide
May 2014 Deluxe Challenge Yes

Stardust Slider
eStore Yes

Sweetheart Slide
eStore No

Teddy Bear Slide
eStore No

Tender Tidings Slide
Pet Specific Item
Tender Tidings Elephant

Tiki Water Slide
eStore Promo Seeds & Planter Boxes
2023 Planter Mystery Box Series 4

Tiger Tiger Stone Slide
eStore No

Toothpaste Slide
eStore Promo Yes

Treetop Winding Water Slide
eStore No

Tricky Staircase Slide
eStore No

Twirly Slide

Tyrannical Rex Slide
eStore No

Underwater Ruins Slide
Pet Specific Item

Violet Slide
eStore No

Wacky Slippy Slide
August 2018 Deluxe Day Yes

Waterfall Slide
PSI Beaver Kit Yes

Wild Ride Ice Slide
eStore No

Wild Water Slide
eStore No

Wondrous Waterslide
eStore No

World of Zingoz Waterslide
eStore No

WOW Soda Slide
eStore No
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