Smoothie Moves

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Smoothie Moves is a Webkinz World Arcade game. It was added to Webkinz World on August 20, 2008. It stars the character Blanche, the Persian Cat. Smoothie Moves is also available as an app for iOS devices.


The object of the game is to form groups of "foods" of the same color (3 or more is a group). You do this by clicking the mouse button. The color that you are shooting appears in the front of the kitten's car.

Combos: A combo is when you make a group, then that group of balls are deleted and the balls that were on either side of the group come together to form another group of 3 or more of the same color foods.

You also get bonuses by making combos. When a combo is made, your bonus comes in the form of a "soda" that is made. To make a small sundae of soda, you need to have one combo. To make a combo, you clear one group lets say white. then if the balls on either side are the same color let's say blue then the blue one come together. If the blues make a group of three or more, you made a combo. if this happens 2 times in a series (without shooting another ball), you get a large. if you do it 3 or more times in a series then you get a super.If you get a super combo then a kinzcoin will appear on the screen. If you shoot a ball you win one extra kinzcash.

  • The point bonus of the super bonus increases by 50 points each level.


Use the computer's mouse to aim where the ball is going to be shot and use the left-click button to shoot the ball/food.

End Game

A trophy is awarded for passing level 10 on mobile. There is no trophy in the desktop version.

This game runs endlessly, and the speed increases significantly from level 16 and onwards. There is a hard score limit of 200,000 points in the arcade and 120,000 points in the tournament arena. If a game exceeds this score, an error message will display, the score will not register, and KinzCash will not be rewarded.


The color "food" that appears next (to shoot) is represented by the color of the tail lights on the back of the kitten's car.

If you have a colored ball that you are not ready to use you can shoot it off to the side where there are no balls. Unlike zuma, there is no point bonus from shooting balls between balls that are not connected or openings.

Tips on passing levels: On levels 1-3 there are not very many different balls. You can take your time to clear the balls. It is a a good idea to focus on making combos because they are harder and harder to make as the levels go up.

Once you get to levels 4 and 5 it is important to move a little quicker. You need to try to keep a constant rate. Not to fast that you will mess up. The balls are coming a little faster. Try to still make as many combos as you can.

Level 6 and 7 is where the difficulty level is stepped up. It is less common that 2 of the same colors balls are together. just be careful to shoot the balls where you want and you should be just fine.

Level 8 and 9 + is where the game is not just hard, but also very difficult. These levels you need to go fast! One tip I have found to help is if you have a long row of colors and lets say a blue with a yellow on one side and a green on the other side and down the row you have a purple then 2 blues in the middle and a red on the outside, (YellowBlueGreen---------purplebluebluered) it always helps to shoot the double. Eventually the single blue will come together with another blue ball. The timer is also very long: about 2 minutes. You need to keep a consistent fast pace in order to keep the balls from backing up on you resulting in loosing a life.

Making a Supersize combo:

blue, blue, red, red, white, white, purple, purple, white, white, red, red, blue, blue -

Now you don't necessarily have to have 2 of each color on both sides, but you need to have at least 2 on one side of to make 3. So the next color you want to shoot is purple. After you shoot the purple all of the following will happen AUTOMATICALLY if the balls are set up correctly. I'm just trying to show you what the process is.

blue, blue, red, red, white, white, purple, PURPLE, purple, white, white, red, red, blue, blue


blue, blue, red, red, white, white, purple, PURPLE, purple, white, white, red, red, blue, blue

blue, blue, red, red, white, white, white, white, red, red, blue, blue

(this is where you need at least 2 whites on one side of the purple)

blue, blue, red, red, white, white, white, white, red, red, blue, blue

blue, blue, red, red, red, red, blue, blue


blue, blue, red, red, red, red, blue, blue

blue, blue, blue, blue

blue, blue, blue, blue